Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rained Out at the Ball Game!

I have 6 people coming for dinner tonight, so instead of vacuuming, I thought I would post about what we did last night! Makes sense, right? :) Last night we went to "school night" with the Red Wings -- our local minor league baseball team. Our 9-year-old daughter's school was selling discounted tickets to the game and we thought it sounded like fun! Our littlest girl had never been to a baseball game before and we were all excited for a fun family night doing something a little out of the ordinary for us! We were excited, that is, until we parked, and then it started pouring ran as we walked to the stadium...

Some of us, myself and my little girlie, had a hard time recapturing that excitement, as we sat in the pouring rain for the better part of two hours. My other daughter was in her glory -- hanging out with her friends -- I don't know that she even really noticed the downpour! Halfway through the game (close to 9pm), she was ready to stay for the entire game and the fireworks that were supposed to take place at the end. My husband was on his way up from his 3rd or 4th trip to the concession stands -- he never did get anything for himself! -- and it started to pour again and he caught my eye from the bottom of the stairs. Without words, we were able to communicate that yes, we were all ready to go and the girls and I would meet him at the entrance to the concessions. That was a wordless exchange. Not the case with my 9-year-old and I... "IT'S TIME TO GO -- DADDY'S WAITING DOWNSTAIRS -- IT'S POURING -- LET'S GO!" "I have to say goodbye to my friends!" Ok, no problem. The little girlie and I start making our way down -- she's still saying goodbye. We call to her a few times -- she's oblivious to us -- still saying goodbye. We get to the entrance of the concession stands -- she does not look like she is joining us anytime soon! I take the stuff out of my husband's hands and he hikes back up to our seats to escort her down -- during that exchange, she apparently realized that we were no longer up there with her (we could see her the whole time -- she just could not see us), so that seemed to put a little spring in her step, and she quickly came back with her dad.

All in all, it was cold and wet, but my girl had a great time with her friends, we didn't melt in the rain, and we decided that this would be a lot of fun to try again on a dry night! Oh, and we also decided to make SURE that we always have umbrellas in the car!! (This is a picture of our girls standing next to a horse made entirely out of baseball gloves!)


Christine said...

Well at least your pictures are cute! These are adorable!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Thanks! I love the first and last ones in particular! And amazingly, in all the years that that stadium has been there -- that was my first time being there! It's lovely -- even in the rain! We'll definitely go again soon!