Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Painted Flower Craft

This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and our girls both came home from school with projects to honor their teachers. Our littlest girlie had a wooden flower that was glued to a wooden stick, and our instructions (from the class coordinator) were to have her decorate the flower in any way she wanted to – stickers, markers, crayons, paint – and put her name on the front of the flower.

They were going to take all of the flowers from the class and put them into a cute vase or planter and present that to the teacher. My girl opted to paint her flower, and then I painted her name onto the flower – one letter on each flower petal, with her last initial in the center. It came out very cute and she had a great time painting her flower. I thought this would be a great idea not only for a teacher’s gift, but also for Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day – you name it! Wouldn’t Grandma love a “bouquet” of flowers painted by her grandchildren? We used acrylic paint, which I purchased at Michael’s Crafts this weekend for another project (which I’ll share with you later!) – I found these paints on sale for $.77 - $.88, and I’m sure that you could also find the wooden sticks and wooden flower at Michael’s or Joann’s or any of the other hobby / craft stores.

And while the little one was painting, to keep her sister happy and entertained, I had her paint some rocks that we will use as decorations in the garden!


Christine said...

I really like both of those crafts. Emma actually loves painting rocks!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I thought the flowers were so cute -- I'm definitely making that for someone! (Oh, remember when we first "discovered" those wooden tulips at Corn Hill? Just had a flash of that!)

And the rock thing was spur of the moment -- she paints on paper all the time, I thought I'd spice it up for her. They turned out super cute and colorful and we're going to put them in the garden!