Thursday, May 20, 2010

Great Dollar Store Find!

I'm sure that I've mentioned how much I love the dollar store, but I thought I'd bring it up again! It's a hit or miss thing with me -- sometimes I find tons of great stuff, other times, nothing special. The other day I stopped in while waiting for my glasses to be repaired. I didn't even have to move past the front of the store! I picked up lots of great things for our Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations, and at this time of year they have so many wonderful toys for the kids to use outdoors! We have purchased pool noodles, hula hoops, plastic bats & balls - you name it! On this particular day, I spotted the cutest thing -- for $1 -- and snatched up two, one for each of my girls. They had the most adorable plastic "bug kits" -- it's a plastic container with a magnifying side and a side with ventilation for the bugs, and it's on a long string for your child to wear while searching. It also comes with a cute little net and plastic tweezers to pick up bugs for further examination (without getting their hands messy -- sounds great to me!). My girls had a great time with these -- although, truth be told, DADDY was the one who picked up worms and put them in their bug kits. But, prior to that, they each picked up leaves and things for their bugs to eat. And of course, after watching the worms for a little while, the girls let them loose in the garden.

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