Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keeping Your Chin Up!

My friend Christine wrote a great post on her blog the other day, where she describes her daughter telling her she's the "worst mommy ever" simply because Christine would not buy her cotton candy at the grocery store.

I think we've all been there -- feeling under-appreciated -- this weekend my cotton candy moment was with my 9-year-old who never once said thank you for the hours of help I gave her with her first big school project. My husband and I went to the store and bought her supplies on Friday while she was in school -- everything on her list. Then Saturday she certainly did not appreciate my gently (at first) suggesting that she finish her essay so that she could enjoy the rest of her day. We got through that with some struggles and then Sunday there was a large display to make. The supplies that we purchased just were not going to work out. She was definitely not fond of me at this point of the day -- there was a definite breakdown...of communication... She did not come out and call me the worst mommy ever, but there was a vibe that I was getting. Anyway, we regrouped and I put the kids in the car and off we went to the store to buy more supplies. Then lots of technical help and consultation on the construction of a farmhouse, barn & silo and voila, the project is finished and where did the day go? She took the project to school yesterday (a day early) and got to be the first to do her presentation. She told me that she'd had the best day -- the presentation went great and everyone loved her display. No "thank you", but I was happy that she was happy and proud of the work she did.

I think one of the frustrating things about motherhood is that it takes SO long for our children to understand and appreciate what we do for them -- possibly until they have children themselves! (I'm sure our parents feel our pain -- or at least are pointing and laughing like, "see what you put me through?") You just do the best that you can and you enjoy every single sweet moment that comes along -- and they do, all the time! The other night, I came home to a glass of water with 3 buttercups floating in it -- a "bouquet" from my sweet little 3-year-old. Our children love us and appreciate us, just in their own quiet ways sometimes! And that's ok -- they'll realize what good parents we are -- when they have their own children! ;)


Christine said...

Oh thanks for the plug!

Love the Taylor Farm display. And yes, it make take them years to appreciate us, we'll just have to keep telling that to each other....

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

That's what friends are for! (The reminding each other part -- not just the plug!)