Monday, May 10, 2010

Marissa the Third

Just got back from Petco -- we bought a blue fish instead of a red one (although, that was a struggle -- she was going for that same red fish again!!), we bought a pink tank instead of a blue one, and she wanted to name it "Rydia" but that irritated her older sister all the way home, because apparently that's the name of a character in her Final Fantasy 4 video game... Sigh. To keep the peace, our little one decided that she did not have to name her new fish Rydia, as long as she could name it Marissa. Again. So, here we go again!

(Check out my music on the lower right-hand side of the blog... I try to add appropriate songs from time to time!) ;)


Christine said...

You bought a new tank too???

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Yes, because I want to single-handedly pay for Mr. Petco's summer house... Actually, Sunday night after fish 2 died, we thought -- maybe it's the tank! And in a fit of frustration we threw it out. The next day I called the store and they said it wouldn't have been the tank, BUT, after Marissa #1 died, hubby scrubbed the tank really thoroughly (so as not to potentially kill another fish) and he ended up scratching it, so it always looked cloudy after that. This was our last tank... Hopefully our last fish! (Seriously, if another one goes, I may consider switching to hamsters or a guinea pig -- we saw those at Petco Monday night -- I think they could stand up to us -- they might have a fighting chance over here!) ;)