Thursday, January 9, 2014

Settling In

The girls in front of our new home!
I'm still here!  Well, my physical "here" has changed, but I've missed my blog terribly and am anxious to get back to writing!  The past four or five months have been very busy for us - my husband got a new job in New Hampshire and the girls and I were back in in New York packing and trying to sell our house while he was staying with wonderful relatives and working for 3 months!  Then the girls (and Mabel, the dog!) and I moved in with my dad and stepmother for almost a month while we waited to close on both houses (selling the one, buying the new one) and the girls continued to go to school.  Now we are finally up in beautiful New Hampshire, and all together again!

Fit for a princess!
We're getting settled in - almost all of the boxes are unpacked (yay!!) - although I have not ventured up to the attic yet...  My 7-year-old's room was the first to be completed -- it looks lovely and pink and princess-y -- just like her!  My 12 - I mean, nearly 13-year-old's (this month -- a teenager!!) room need some work.  We're in the process of painting it - really just need to paint the trim now - and the other day I spent some time sorting through the last of the big boxes in there.  She assures me that it will all come together when Daddy finds the hardware to hang her two Pottery Barn floating shelves -- seems like a lot to ask of two little shelves, but we'll see!  At this point most of what needs to be done is painting and hanging things -- every day that my husband has off, I grab him to hang some more things around the house!  Right now I am enjoying being a full-time stay-at-home mom!  At some point I will probably look for something but at the most it will be part-time so that I can be home with the kids on their vacations, summer, etc.  It's really a dream come true for me -- I love being home when they get home, hearing about their days, helping my little one with homework, making hot cocoa, snuggling on the couch!

I look forward to telling you more about our adventure!  Hopefully this will be a wonderful new year for my family and yours!