Monday, September 2, 2013

What We Did This Summer - 2013 Version

I had promised myself that I was going to do a better job of keeping up with posts on my blog this year -- and this summer pretty much went by without a single post!  :(  It has been a busy summer - one for the record books, for sure, but not with our traditional summer activities.  My eldest daughter is struggling with anxiety over having to go back to school and how quickly the summer seemed to slip by.  She has asked me twice if I would post my usual list of what we did over the summer, so hopefully this will help her out by reminding her of some of the fun things we did!

- One of the last days of school, early in the summer, Daddy picked the girls up from school and took them to the zoo
- We had our end-of-year Girl Scout ceremony, bridging the Daisy troop to become Brownies
- We had a fun Lalaloopsy birthday pool party for our new 7-year-old (my youngest)
- We went on a vacation to New Hampshire to visit with our family
- While in NH we went to Newfound Lake, one of our favorite places to spend the day at the beach, and we had a picnic lunch with the family, spent the day in the water, and made sand castles
- Also while in NH I went to my favorite country store with my aunts and brought my two girls shopping with the ladies for the first time
- We went to Hampton Beach, NH and enjoyed a day at the beach, swimming in the ocean
- During our trip to Hampton, we went to Brown's our favorite seafood place and the girls tried lobster
- We went to Funspot "the world's largest arcade" in NH and played skee ball, air hockey, video games and then mini golf outside (and my little one desperately wanted to try ZIP LINING.... (daredevil!) but settled on swinging on a swingset until she fell off and scraped her knees big time!  (Barely a tear though, bless her brave little heart!)
- We went out for another seafood dinner with the whole family to the Weathervane in Weirs Beach, NH and then walked on the boardwalk, went into an old-time arcade, and got an ice cream
- We enjoyed time with family and I got to see a cousin that I haven't seen in years and the girls got to meet her daughter who is around their age - my girls always love adding new cousins to the fold!
- We went to the Genesee Country Village with Daddy one day for my 12-year-old to have a fitting for her costume for the Independence Day celebration on the 4th of July
- We volunteered as a family at the Lifetime Assistance Airport 5k - a charitable event that the agency I work for holds every year.  We all had fun and we got to see special guest, Abby Wambach speak right after she broke her world record for most goals scored!
- The girls and I went to the Genesee Country Village Independence Day celebration and my eldest once again represented Rhode Island (tallest girl, smallest state - go figure!) as a maiden for the day, walking in the parade and being at all of the special events
- The girls and I went back to Genesee Country Village in August and enjoyed Laura Ingalls Wilder Day - we have gone every year since it first began (5 or 6 years ago?).  The girls went in costume (of course!) and this year's special guest was Allison Arngrim, who played Nellie Oleson on the tv show. She is so funny and entertaining -- we had a great time as always!
- For my birthday we went out on Grandpa & Gramby's sailboat, sailed around the bay and then over to an Italian restaurant on the bay for a lovely birthday dinner!
- We also had a special birthday dinner for my 7-year-old and Gramby who share the same birthday!
- The girls spent a lot of time with Grandpa, who watched them in the afternoons while Daddy and I were working - lots of lunches out, some visits to Great Gram, and at least one trip on the sailboat with Grandpa & Gramby
- My littlest girlie spent one week at Princess Dance Camp this summer (her 3rd year, I believe) and she had a great time and we all enjoyed her recital at the end of the week!
- She also spent two weeks at the yacht club taking swimming lessons -- she did great this year!  Next year, level 4!
- My eldest had a fun day with a friend that started as a "couple of hour visit" and turned into an all-day, stay for dinner affair!
- My little went to 2 birthday parties for 2 different friends
- Nana came to visit last week from Monday to Sunday and the girls enjoyed getting to spend every day with her!
- Shopping sprees for school
- Dinners out on a few different occasions - Red Robin, Shogun Palace, our favorite diner, Applebees
- A couple of visits to local playgrounds
- A fun trip to the zoo with a friend and her mom
- A fun afternoon with Gramby - lunch, playground, and creating beautiful pottery pieces at Color Me Mine!
- Probably some more things I'm forgetting...  like swimming in our pool!

Pretty long list, lots of stuff going on!  And that isn't even the half of it -- the biggest thing we did this summer was Daddy went on a couple of interviews for a new job in New Hampshire, which he got, and we decided to take it and move our family to New Hampshire!  Yeah, that was pretty big...  We're actually still in the process of that "activity" right now -- getting the house ready to put it on the market and now keeping it spotless for unexpected walk throughs by our realtor and potential home buyers is keeping us pretty busy!  More info on that to come!

Hope you enjoyed your summer and best wishes for a great new school year!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Planning a Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

My sweet baby girl is turning 7 in a few weeks, and for months, every time we go to the grocery store she asks to look at "her cake."  About 6 months ago, she picked out a Lalaloopsy cake from the binder at the grocery store with pictures of all of the cake options.  So, Lalaloopsy theme party, here we come!  I took this week off to be home with the girls, and was mildly panic-stricken yesterday when I realized that her party is only 3 weeks away and I had yet to FIND, much less MAIL invitations...!  One productive evening on Google and Pinterest later, and I'm feeling like a plan is coming together! 

I searched on Google for "Lalaloopsy dresses for girls" and found a really cute pink and yellow-orange polka dot "pillowcase" dress from jazzygirlboutique on Etsy.  I had seen some really cute Lalaloopsy dresses with the licensed characters on them, but I loved this little dress -- it has a Lalaloopsy feel to it, but it's something that she can wear as a pretty (non-character) dress.  And, since it's a pillowcase dress, as she grows she can wear it with tights or leggings and eventually, even as a cute summer shirt.  I like keeping with a theme, but I also like to be practical -- no one-hit-wonders over here!

I am trying something new with the invitations this year -- a friend of mine from work did this for her son's first birthday party (a sock monkey theme - very cute!).  I found Lalaloopsy invitations on a website called "Cupcakes & Dragonflies."  They have all sorts of favors, invitations, thank you's -- tons of things for party planning -- and everything is done digitally.  I ordered the invitation that I wanted, told them what I would like it to say, and in 24 - 48 hours they will send me a proof and then a digital file that I can use to print my own invitations from my printer, or have them printed by my local photo lab.  All for $6!  Not bad -- I'll be printing them at home!

That's where I am for now -- lots of ideas for decorating -- I will certainly get balloons, because to me it's not a birthday party without balloons!  And as I usually do, I will get a couple of "character" items (tablecloth and napkins or plates) and then fill in the rest of the paper products with complimentary solid color -- less expensive that way, but still cute!  I will also gather up all of the Lalaloopsy toys that we have around here to use in decorating the table.  And I have some ideas for favor bags.

Lots of fun -- I love party planning!    

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Advice for a New Big Sister

My sister-in-law is expecting her second child - a girl - and her 7-year-old daughter is a little nervous about being a big sister, so my sister-in-law asked my eldest daughter (12) if she would send a note to her cousin.  Here's what my sweet girl wrote:

"Welcome to the Siblings Club! I'm so excited to have a new cousin, and I know you're excited to have a baby sister. I was even younger than you when my little sister was born; you will be seven, but I was only 5 1/2! I know what it is like to have a little sister, so I want to give you some advice!

Don't be nervous. Right now, you're probably feeling really nervous. You've never been a big sister before! You're probably wondering if you'll be a good big sister. Don't worry! I know you'll be a great big sister because you're such a great little girl. Before my sister was born, I was nervous too, because I didn't know what it was like, and no one had any advice to give me! My mom was an only child, and Daddy was a big brother to three other siblings! I also thought the new baby would take away all of Mommy and Daddy's attention, and they wouldn't love me as much anymore. But that's not true because every parent has enough love in their hearts to go around. 
Being a sister is so much fun! Having a sister is so much fun because she's a playmate\friend that you have around all the time! When my sister and I are in the car all day driving on long trips, we share toys and watch movies together. On trips when we share an air mattress to sleep on, we annoy my mom and dad because we giggle all night long! Life is never lonely when you have a sister.

Babies are a lot of work and your mom will need some help. You won't remember when my sister and our other cousin were babies, because you were a baby too. I got to help Mommy out a lot with with my sister. I helped entertain her, and once I even changed her diaper. I also remember helping to give the babies baths.
Babies are also so much fun, though, and they're cute, too! Our family has had a lot of very cute babies, so your sister is going to be so cute, too! Babies are like real live baby-dolls. My mom LOVED dressing up my sister, and her outfits were so adorable. Babies are also so small, and it's so cool to watch them grow up.

You can teach your sister a lot of things! You love so many things: dinosaurs, superheroes, horse-back riding. You can share these interests with your baby sister! This way you'll have something in common. You can teach your sister how to do SO many things. I taught my sister how to use the computer, and I teach her a lot of things in the Art Studio. Just don't teach your little sister bad things.

You are such a sweet little girl. I hope you know you can call me or e-Mail me OR write me a letter anytime you want, and if you have ANY questions you can ask me. Do you know what? You and I are very similar. We're both older sisters to little sisters! Anyway, you and your little sister will have to learn how to be sisters together, just like my sister and I did. Along the way, there will be times when she is just downright annoying (I know the feeling), but at the end of the day, just know that you both love each other very much and your parents love you too! You'll be a great big sister and a wonderful role model."

Did I mention my girl's 12?  Pretty proud of her!  She even added the picture above to the e-mail she sent her cousin -- it's a picture of my two girls on the day my youngest was born.  And yes, I may refer back to this when they are, as my girl put it "downright annoying" to each other!  ;)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie Bridging Ceremony

Tonight was the last meeting for my Daisy Girl Scout troop!  Tonight the girls (and myself and my co-leader) all bridged from Daisy Scouts to Brownie Scouts!  It's been a great year and it was wonderful to celebrate with the girls and their families.  I told my co-leader the other day that all year I find that I stress and worry getting ready for every meeting, trying to get loose ends tied up, make sure everyone knows about the meeting, what they need to bring, what I need to bring...  And then I get there and the girls are so much fun and things happen the way the happen -- either smoothly or not, but we always have fun and enjoy ourselves, and I always leave feeling so thankful that I have had this opportunity to share Girl Scouting with my daughters and their friends.  I highly recommend it, if you have the chance -- go for it!  Even if you aren't up for being a leader, leaders always love to have parent helpers and your daughter will love to have you help out her troop!  I've been particularly blessed this year with a wonderful co-leader, some really helpful parents, a great troop of girls, and also my 12-year-old daughter who helps at my troop meetings.  What a truly lovely thing for my two girls and I to get to do together!

For our bridging ceremony, I typed up the "inside" of an invitation on the computer and then printed copies out for the girls to decorate the outside covers.  They took these home to invite their families to our big ceremony.  We worked on learning two songs to sing to the parents -- "Amazing Daisies" an adorable little song we found on iTunes -- and "Make New Friends" a Girl Scout classic that I remember from when I was a Girl Scout (about 100 years ago...).  My little one made up a few hand movements to go along with "Make New Friends" so she taught them to the rest of the troop and they performed this little dance while singing.

We were able to borrow an actual little bridge for the girls to walk over to symbolize their journey from Daisies to Brownies.  We read a story -- another Girl Scout classic -- "The Brownie Story" and we had the girls cross the bridge and peek over to see their reflection in the "pond" (full-length mirror on the floor).  We handed them each a bag with an adorable certificate that we found on, the badges they earned this year, and a sweet dvd that my 12-year-old made on Windows Movie Maker.  It starts with a video clip of the girls singing "Amazing Daisies" (so cute!!) then there are still pictures from throughout the year and video clips of the girls individually telling what Girl Scouts means to them, all set to the Selena Gomez song, "Fly to Your Heart" from the first Tinker Bell movie.  At the end of the dvd she listed all of the girls names, the troop # and the year -- it's about 4-1/2 minutes long, but something I know I would (and will) definitely cherish as a parent!  I briefly thought about borrowing my dad's screen, projector and laptop to be able to show the dvd at the ceremony, but I decided simpler was better for a one hour meeting!  Aside from that we had certificates to thank our volunteer parents and everyone brought a snack to share. 

All in all, a really nice end to a really nice year of Scouting!  Now we can rest up and gear up our energy for next year!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Busy Bees!

I'm sure any of you that have children can relate to this being one of the busiest times of the year!  School is winding down and so are some of the kids activities, while some others are just gearing up! 

We are done with religion classes for the school year, there was an end-of-the-year bike drive that my eldest participated in with her class -- in one hour they received over 35 bikes for a wonderful local organization that collects bikes, fixes them up and gives them to people in need in the community.  She had a great time with that project! 

Early morning runs to drive my eldest to school in the morning for band is also done for the year - yay!  Her school band season ended with a concert for a week ago last Weds for the 5th and 6th grade bands and then this past Weds we were back for the 4th grade band and jazz band concert (my girl plays clarinet in the 6th grade band and the jazz band).  Oh!  And I almost forgot about our trip to the ball park to watch our girl play "The Star Spangled Banner" with her school's bands!  And thus we come to the end of band for this year.  While we were at her concerts, I was struck by the thought that this is it for her at this school -- next year she'll be in junior high at another school -- my how time flies!!

Girl Scouts is wrapping up for the year and as a leader of my little one's Daisy Girl Scout troop, I feel like I've been running a lot to wrap up the year for the girls.  Literally running last week when I had a GS troop meeting from 6:15 - 7:15 and then my other daughter's last jazz concert that started at 7:00 at a different school -- my little one and I ran in during their first song, a couple of minutes late, but thrilled that I had made it and that my daughter saw me and knew I was there.  It's hard to make it to everything all the time, but we do our best not to disappoint our girls!

This week I have a chicken bbq for over 300 people at work and we're getting my eldest ready for her 6th grade camp-out -- I still remember mine -- doesn't seem THAT long ago...  Next week is my last GS meeting for the year -- we're planning a bridging ceremony for the girls to bridge from Daisies to Brownies.  Lots of little details to plan! 

Looking forward to the week of 4th of July -- I'll be home with the girls, hopefully relaxing in the pool a little!  Whew...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

"Motherhood: All love begins and ends there."  - Robert Browning

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Too Funny!

My sweet little 6-year-old cracks me up!  When she was a baby she had a cute, plush butterfly play mat that has rattles, a flexible plastic mirror, and her name embroidered on the front.  The colors match her room and as with many things that Mommy had put away in her "special keepsake box" it has found it's way out and up to her bedroom.  This is currently living on the corner of her bed with some stuffed animals nesting on top.  Tonight at bedtime, she asked, "Can I sleep on this tonight?"  And I said, "No, honey - I don't think so - it's not very comfortable to sleep on."  And she said, "But I don't listen a lot, so I'll probably sleep on it anyway!"  That got her older sister laughing all the way across the hall in her bedroom.  She also gets a kick out of her little sister's new, frequent excuse when she does or says something that angers her 12-year-old sister, "But I'm 6, so I don't know any better!"  She must have heard that somewhere, but I swear it wasn't from me!  She does make my heart smile though! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Picked with Love

First dandelion bouquet of the season - handpicked with love from my little 6-year-old.  Is there anything sweeter?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, 
we borrow it from our children." 
- Native American quote

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Holiday Decorating

I may have mentioned this before, but when I was growing up, no one in my house put much effort into decorating for the holidays. For Christmas, we had a macramé Santa face that my dad had made hanging on the front door, a Christmas needlepoint on the wall (again, made by Dad!), a wreath over the fireplace and a tree in the family room -- that was it for the holiday decor... With the birth of my first child, came the birth of a holiday-decorating fiend!! I started out small at first and I have been growing and growing ever since! I absolutely love decorating for the holidays – ALL of them! I have tubs in the basement with Easter, St. Pat’s, 4th of July (which I actually leave up from Memorial Day in May until Sept 11th), Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. After Christmas I take down my Santa-related Christmas decorations and my nativity scene (and the trees - we put up two) and I switch over to snowmen for the rest of January. I have a few things for Valentine’s Day, but I really need to put a little more effort into that holiday! Since having my daughters, I really enjoy making a cozy home for my family and I love to make each holiday special with decorations. I was never sure if anyone appreciated the effort (although I don’t mind – I would do it now, regardless!) until my 12-year-old told me several times that she loved how I had decorated the house for Easter. 

And my 6-year-old has obviously developed an appreciation too!  The week before Easter, I was tucking her into bed and she told me that she felt bad because she didn’t have a lot of things to decorate her room for Easter. I looked around as she said, “I only have my bunny books, my bunny rabbits, and my Easter bonnet!” And sure enough, she had pulled out any books that had bunnies on them, she had pulled out all of her stuffed rabbits, and she had put a big hat on her big, stuffed Tigger! She had placed the books and the bunnies around the room – carefully decorating for Easter! I was so tickled – she obviously got that from Mommy! Children are such little sponges – they absorb everything around them! Holiday decorating may not seem like the most important thing to do with how busy we all get, but I think it’s so important to do what you can to make your house a home for your family – to show them that they are worth the effort, and to give your children positive, happy energy to absorb!

We finally took the Easter stuff down this week and I immediately tried to think of the next holiday that I should be decorating for...  I think Memorial Day!  I'll have to put a few Spring decorations up to bridge until I bring the patriotic decorations out...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

This year we had a quieter holiday than usual – our usual plans changed and we decided to do something a little low-key for a change of pace! We tend to run from place to place trying to make the rounds to visit all of the family, and while we are blessed to have so much family to get together with, this year for Easter, we thought it would be nice to do something on a smaller scale. On Friday, the girls and I had our weekly visit with Great Gram at the nursing home – we brought her some sugar-free candy, a calla lily, and a couple of bunnies to decorate her room. We had a nice visit with her – my 6-year-old read two books to us and Gram was so pleased to hear her read. 

Saturday we did some house-cleaning (my 12-year-old even voluntarily cleaned her room!) and Saturday night I did some last minute prep for Easter – I made a cute “Peeps” candle that I saw on Pinterest (where else?) and I filled eggs for my husband to hide for an Easter morning egg hunt. The girls got up early and searched for their baskets and eggs, and we went to church, had a little brunch, and spent a quiet afternoon coloring our Easter eggs and watching Easter videos. We normally try to do both of those things before Easter, but we had a lot on our plates this past week and it was actually quite fun and very festive to do it on Easter! My mom is coming up from Florida this week – we can’t wait to see her!! – and I’m planning to make a ham for a belated Easter dinner with Nana!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Our little 6-year-old just constantly keeps us in stitches...  Tonight's classic was "I'm buying lunch tomorrow!"  And my husband and I looked at her and said, "Oh really?"  And she said, "Yes, because it's Friday, and I always buy lunch on Friday!"  (Which is actually true, she does not like homemade pizza or most pizzeria pizza, but school pizza on Friday is apparently fabulous to her!)  So I said to my husband, "I have no cash on me."  And he said, "I have no cash."  And our daughter (who was sitting there holding Mabel, our dog) said, in a very dry tone, "Don't look at me!  I have lots of money in my piggy bank but I'm saving up for a CAT!" 

Good to know, apparently we're getting a cat!  And we need to run to the ATM...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Family Tree Scrapbook

This past weekend we went out of town to visit my husband's family.  On our way to dinner at his uncle's house, he took us on a little tour of the area that his parents grew up in.  He drove us by his mother's schools, the church his parents were married in, and both of his parents' childhood homes.  My mother-in-law was with us, and she definitely enjoyed the drive down memory lane, and the girls -- particularly our 12-year-old -- enjoyed seeing where Grandma grew up.  I have always tried to instill an interest of our family history in my girls.  They love visiting relatives, they love seeing old pictures, they love hearing old stories.  On the way home from dinner that night, I had an idea for a new project that I'd like to work on.  We have various family trees from different "branches" of our families, and while those are wonderful treasures, to my kids they are just names and dates on paper.  I have been wanting to create more of a family tree scrapbook with pictures and stories about our family members.  Before we left my mother-in-law's house yesterday, I went out into the street and took a picture of the house -- this is the house that my husband grew up in -- I'd like to add that into the book for future generations to see.  The next time we go to visit, we are going to take the same little tour and stop and take photos of all of the places that we saw the other day.  We'll also stop by my husband's high school which is in that area and take a photo of that.  We plan to do the same thing here in town, where I grew up, and when we go to visit my mom's family in New England -- hopefully this spring or summer. 

My daughter (12) is so excited about this project, that she went through two drawers worth of pictures today on her school vacation to pull out pictures of our family for our scrapbooks.  In her estimation, we're going to need 7 scrapbooks...  She will definitely carry on the role of family historian -- I have no worries there!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday!

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter!  Twelve years ago today you came into our lives and we became a family.  Daddy and I couldn't be more proud of you -- you are beautiful inside and out -- sweet, funny, goofy, talented, kind, smart and just an all-around great person!  We are so blessed to have you in our lives and we can hardly remember what life was like before you were born!

Lots of love - today and always!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Art-y" Party w/ Artist's Palette Cake

My eldest is turning 12 this year (sniff, sniff!) and for this year's party she decided to have an art-themed birthday party.  As you can probably tell by my recent posts, I've been all about Pinterest lately!  I wanted to find a creative cake for my daughter's birthday, so I went to Pinterest and found lots of ideas, but this was my favorite!  I bought this great artist palette for $4.99 at Hobby Lobby.  I baked cupcakes yesterday (even found paint-splattered cupcake wrappers!) and then this morning I took 1-1/2 tubs of vanilla frosting and in 7 bowls I added different food coloring and mixed up 7 different colors of frosting -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple -- and pink for my littlest girl!  I arranged the cupcakes on the artist palette to look like paint and put a paintbrush in the middle to finish it off.  Then I placed the whole thing on this mirror that I have on my dining room table.  It was an inexpensive wall mirror and one day I decided to put it on the dining room table with all white candles on it for a centerpiece -- and I decided I like it better on the table than the wall!  Everything looks better on it!  Candles reflect on it, flowers in a glass vase look beautiful, and this cupcake palette looks like it's on the frame of a painting - perfect! 

And the extra cupcakes are in my new cupcake holder (I've been longing for one and my husband bought it for me for my birthday)!   

We found some really cute invitations on, and for $0.28 a piece, I customized them with a picture of my girl and I ordered 8 cards -- 1 for each girl and an extra for me!  I love getting photo cards -- they are personal, they are a great keepsake for my girls' scrapbooks / baby books, and you'd pay more for a regular package of invitations! 
"Bright Circles" card from
To keep the girls entertained, and of course, to go along with the art party theme, we came up with three craft ideas.  My daughter had the idea to use black craft paper and to have the girls dip the end of a toilet paper or paper towel roll into paint and use that to create different designs on the paper.  We also bought each girl a little wooden easel and little canvas (3" x 3") from Joann's so that they could each paint their own little masterpiece.  And for the third art project, we bought a wooden letter for each girl's first initial (about 6" tall) and had them paint them with acrylic paints. 
Tiny canvas & easel - "Sunset" by the birthday girl!
Pink & Orange Polka Dot "M" - by my 6-year-old!

My girl loves art and this year we cleaned out our basement and rearranged it to make an art studio for our girls.  She wanted to host her party down there, and I decided that since I have off-white carpet in the dining room, where the big table is, that the art studio was a better idea with all of the paint!!  My husband set up a long folding table next to the little round table in the art studio.  My daughter covered both tables with newspapers which made for super easy, super quick clean up after the party! 
The "Art Studio"

We're still working on the art studio -- at some point when we have time, we'd like to paint the concrete wall and the floor.  For now though, we are extremely happy with the huge berber remnant that our friend Michael gave us from a job he was doing -- it covers a huge area of the floor! 

One of my favorite elements of the art party?  My daughter's outfit!  Never one to shy away from a theme, I suggested that she take an old pair of jeans and paint them to wear to her party!  She had fun doing that on Friday night -- I think she did a pretty good job!
My daughter had a great time -- she had fun with her friends, and I think they had a fun time too.  I loved that she is old enough that this year we just set everything up and she took over -- my husband and I relaxed in the living room until they called us for cake and ice cream.  Even our 6-year-old was like one of the big girls today -- she hung out with the girls and her sister never came up to complain about her once!  (Amazing!) 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Easy, Reuseable Daily Calendar

I saw this adorable calendar on Pinterest and my eldest daughter and I decided to start this for 2013!  If you click on the link above, it will take you to the original blog with all of the details of the project -- the original is very cute, but we decided to simplify it!  We simply took index cards that we had at home (probably from the dollar store) and my girl went through with the calendar and wrote the month and day for each day of the year on the cards.  We added in Leap Year so that we have it when we need it.  Now that we have the cards prepared, at the end of each day we take the card and write the year and then something that happened that day.  And then next year, we will write "2014" and then something that happened that day.  I still need to find something to put our cards in (cute recipe box? berry container, like the original?) and some cute cards to use as dividers.  The original version had vintage post cards which are adorable -- I don't have those, and I'm working on this with my girls, so I was thinking I'd have the girls decorate cards with drawings that are appropriate for each month (hearts for February, shamrocks for March, flowers for April, etc.).  I'll let them use their artistic license!

My daughter loves this project and has written many of our calendar entries.  This is a great calendar for looking back and reflecting on where you were and what you were doing in past years.  And it's great for keeping track of things for scrapbooks, baby books, etc! 

Trying to diet as a New Year's resolution?  Track your weight loss on a calendar like this, adding in things that worked and things that didn't -- separate the months with lo-cal recipe cards or inspirational photos or quotes.  So many possibilities!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions - 2013

We had a quiet New Year's Eve last night -- just the 4, I mean 5, of us home for the evening!  Usually my husband and I feed the girls their dinner early, and then we try to have a romantic dinner in the dining room by the fireplace.  Last night we just had dinner together.  We watched the tribute to Dick Clark, and because my little one took a nap yesterday afternoon, we let the girls stay up to see the ball drop at midnight.  This was the most exciting part of the evening, but that's ok, because to us, New Year's has become less about parties and more about ringing in the new year with the ones we love!  My nearly 12-year-old had the idea to video tape our New Year's resolutions, so we all took a turn.  She and her sister had a few, mostly to get along better with each other.  My husband is resolving to find a new job in 2013, and I made a couple about getting in shape physically, and financially.  I actually have a whole slew of them to enhance my life and the lives of my family, hopefully!  Here goes (in no particular order) -

1)  Take better care of myself - not a diet, but an overall emphasis on caring for myself - eating better, getting more rest, keeping up on dr's appointments, going for walks with our new puppy and also using the treadmill for it's actual purpose - not to hang clothes on...  Pampering myself is also going to fall into this category!  For starters, when I took my youngest for a haircut the other day I decided that I was going to treat myself to a long overdue eyebrow wax!

2) Take better care of our finances - we have not always been fabulous with our finances and little by little we are improving that.  We are considerably better than we used to be, and barring any unforeseen circumstance, I think 2013 will be an even better year!

3) Write on my blog more often!!  I was just dreadfully neglectful of my blog in 2012, and since it is partly my record of what is going on with my children, I intend to be much better in 2013!  I have to look at this as fitting into the "pampering myself" category, because it is something I enjoy doing for myself!  And look at that, Day 1 of 2013 and I have posted my first blog post of the year -- not a bad start!!

What resolutions have you made for 2013?