Sunday, June 30, 2013

Planning a Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

My sweet baby girl is turning 7 in a few weeks, and for months, every time we go to the grocery store she asks to look at "her cake."  About 6 months ago, she picked out a Lalaloopsy cake from the binder at the grocery store with pictures of all of the cake options.  So, Lalaloopsy theme party, here we come!  I took this week off to be home with the girls, and was mildly panic-stricken yesterday when I realized that her party is only 3 weeks away and I had yet to FIND, much less MAIL invitations...!  One productive evening on Google and Pinterest later, and I'm feeling like a plan is coming together! 

I searched on Google for "Lalaloopsy dresses for girls" and found a really cute pink and yellow-orange polka dot "pillowcase" dress from jazzygirlboutique on Etsy.  I had seen some really cute Lalaloopsy dresses with the licensed characters on them, but I loved this little dress -- it has a Lalaloopsy feel to it, but it's something that she can wear as a pretty (non-character) dress.  And, since it's a pillowcase dress, as she grows she can wear it with tights or leggings and eventually, even as a cute summer shirt.  I like keeping with a theme, but I also like to be practical -- no one-hit-wonders over here!

I am trying something new with the invitations this year -- a friend of mine from work did this for her son's first birthday party (a sock monkey theme - very cute!).  I found Lalaloopsy invitations on a website called "Cupcakes & Dragonflies."  They have all sorts of favors, invitations, thank you's -- tons of things for party planning -- and everything is done digitally.  I ordered the invitation that I wanted, told them what I would like it to say, and in 24 - 48 hours they will send me a proof and then a digital file that I can use to print my own invitations from my printer, or have them printed by my local photo lab.  All for $6!  Not bad -- I'll be printing them at home!

That's where I am for now -- lots of ideas for decorating -- I will certainly get balloons, because to me it's not a birthday party without balloons!  And as I usually do, I will get a couple of "character" items (tablecloth and napkins or plates) and then fill in the rest of the paper products with complimentary solid color -- less expensive that way, but still cute!  I will also gather up all of the Lalaloopsy toys that we have around here to use in decorating the table.  And I have some ideas for favor bags.

Lots of fun -- I love party planning!    

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