Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Special Birthday

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet girl! I can't imagine where the time has gone -- it has literally passed in the blink of an eye. She's getting to be such a big girl -- very independent, very headstrong, but still my sweet, little love! This morning she was awakened by a phone call from her cousin in Long Island who will be 7 in March. That was a special treat for my girl, because she considers this cousin to be one of her very best friends -- they are two peas in a pod, for sure! She took a shower this morning so that she would be "birthday clean" as she put it, and she had gym today so she could not wear a pretty dress as she would have liked, but she did get to wear a cute, new casual outfit that we gave her for her birthday.

For breakfast (terrible mother that I am...) I offered her a special birthday cupcake, but good for her, she chose Cheerios instead (and she even eats them without sugar!). We let her open one of her birthday presents before school, and the one she chose was a "Groovy Girl" doll, to add to her collection -- she just loves them! She had the ultimate (to her) in birthday luxuries -- she was a "car rider" today! Daddy drove her to school, partially as a treat for her birthday, and partially because he was helping her carry in her birthday snack for the class. Instead of cupcakes or cookies, she chose (for the 3rd year in a row if you include preschool) pudding cups to share with the class! It's funny though, as much as she enjoys NOT riding the bus to and from school, when we heard the bus go by this morning, I saw a brief flicker of panic on her face, as though she had missed it!

Daddy picked up her up from school today, and tonight we had a little family party with her Nana, Grandpa, Great Gram, Great Uncle Mark, Great Uncle Dave, and Aunt Charlene -- we have quite a "great" family in every sense of the word! She so enjoyed having everyone come out for her special day -- and on a snowy Tuesday night, to boot! It was a little bit of a bittersweet day for us, because last year on my girl's birthday, right before my father got to his parents' home to pick them up for the party, my grandfather suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Today, while our girl was at school, my husband and I went with a few of our family members to pay our respects in memory of him. As sad as it is that we lost him, and as difficult as the timing was, I think it is nice that we are able to come together as a family and remember him, and yet also have the happiness of my little girl's birthday to focus on. She was blessed to have her great grandmother at her 7th birthday and I think that my grandmother finds her (and her sister!) to be a special blessing too!


Christine said...

It sounds like a wonderful day for her! The time has gone by quickly! It seems like yesterday that I was waiting for that call all night long! And it was nice that you all went for your grandfather as well, I'm sure your grandma appreciated it. It is nice to have a great grandparent when you are 7 because that way you really will remember them.

Deanna said...

She definitely enjoyed her day, and woke up today, sad that it was not still her birthday! But I reminded her of all the great things coming up and she perked up!

I was lucky to have known (and can still remember) 2 of my great grandmothers -- I hope my littlest one gets the same opportunity to remember her great gram!