Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rudolph Cups

I realize this is not as timely as it may have been, oh say, BEFORE Christmas, but these were too darn cute not to share! So file this away for a fun project to do with the kids in preparation for the holidays next year!

For those of you who missed my post in November with the Thanksgiving cups, these are just a variation of an idea that my nana used every Thanksgiving. She would put out little cups filled with candies and nuts to keep us occupied while we were waiting for dinner, or while we were waiting for dessert! At Thanksgiving, my daughter and I made turkey cups with paper feathers, and when I was writing the post about them, I thought about making reindeer cups for Christmas.

A couple of days before Christmas, my girl and I got out our arts and crafts supplies and I traced her hand and her little sister's hand, and we used cut them out and used them as templates to make all of Rudolph's antlers. We taped a set of hands (little hand on some, bigger hands on others) to each cup and then cut out brown squares which we folded in half to make a triangle. Then we took a red circle that we cut out for a nose (could have used red pom-poms if we'd had them!) and glued that onto the the brown "face" and taped that to the cup as well. My girl drew on the eyes and wrote each guest's name on the back, so that we could use them as place cards as well as treat cups. And, being resourceful, I used styrofoam cups that I already had on hand, and after discovering we were out of brown construction paper, we got out brown lunch bags and used those for paper!

These were really cute and everyone got a kick out of them. And once we were done with them, I took a set of each girl's handprints to add to their baby books, for a keepsake.

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