Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Enjoy the Silence!

(Ok, some of you may recognize the title of this as a nod to one of my favorite '80's groups...)

Anyway, truly, for the past two nights I have been enjoying the silence of a peacefully sleeping baby, and I am just shooting off a quick post to check in and then I will hopefully enjoy the silence for another blissfully, sleep-filled night! I attribute this to a combination of things -- the diligent napping schedule, and the removal of the extremely effective yet possibly too invigorating VaporPlug. I think an additional part of the sleep deprivation problem (hers -- not just mine!) is that she's been sick and not getting enough sleep is not helping her to get over her cold.

I have lots of things to catch up on that I will share later this week -- the Christmas project that I did for a special someone -- it's a simple, yet thoughtful gift to give a family member or friend for any occasion.

Also, it's late for this past Christmas, and early for next -- but I have a picture to share of the cute Rudolph cups that my girl and I made (a variation on the Thanksgiving cups we made that I shared with you in November) -- they came out even cuter than I imagined!

And, the bustle of our soon to be 7 year old's birthday party preparations!

But I'll save all of that for later -- right now, I wish you and your children a peaceful night's sleep, and I'm looking forward to the same!


Teamcarbone said...

Yeah! A sleeping baby always makes Mommy happy. So do you think the plug in is too much for her? Enjoy your quiet evenings and good night sleep!

Deanna said...

I'm not sure -- it works GREAT when your child is super stuffy and can't get to sleep, but I was thinking that maybe when she was just a little congested and overtired, perhaps the nightlight (that is part of the VaporPlug) and the strong scent was a little too stimulating. At that point I'd try anything to get her to sleep, so out it went!