Saturday, January 5, 2008

Career Aspirations

One of the many funny aspects of parenthood, is watching your children from a young age and musing on what they will be when they grow up. We see our kids do almost anything and we start wondering, hmm, maybe she will be (fill in the blank). With our older daughter, she has always loved playing with water -- pouring it back and forth into cups, mixing up water and shampoo concoctions in the bathtub, etc. So my husband and I would look at her and wonder, "Maybe she'll be a scientist! Or a bartender..." She likes to save EVERYTHING -- she can look at anything that you are trying to throw away -- candy wrapper, napkin, empty box, you name it -- and she will want to save it "for a project." Well, we of course are wondering if she will grown up to be an antique collector, a garbage person, or one of those people that end up on Oprah because they won't throw anything away and they can't leave their home. And our imaginations just go on and on!

Our littlest girlie has been a little young for us to really start forecasting her future career, although recent events have me wondering if she may have a burgeoning career as a late night talk show host... We have had quite a few instances lately, of her waking up in the middle of the night, apparently feeling well rested and ready to put on a show!

From time to time my little one seems to get a second wind during the night -- after bedtime, and after sleeping for a few hours -- she will be WIDE AWAKE holding court in her bedroom. I'm not sure what triggers these late night antics -- sometimes it could be that her nap ran late and then we tried to put her down to bed at her usual time. Or maybe we've had a hectic day out and about and we were unable to get her down for an afternoon nap, and perhaps her body thinks that bedtime is really naptime... This past week I think it's because she has been sick with a cold and an ear infection and her sleep schedule is off, or maybe the medication is keeping her up -- hard to say!

Regardless of the cause of this, when she is up like this in the middle of the night, she is not crying and fussy -- she is pretty darn entertaining, until her mother is so exhausted that she wants to collapse, that is. In spite of the exhaustion, it's difficult to keep a straight face and and not laugh at how cute and funny she is!

For example, the other night, she was awake from about 12:00am until at least 1:30am! Lying on her back in her crib, feet up on the slats of the crib, chattering away, singing, laughing, you name it! It's like she's a late night talk show host entertaining her dolly audience!

So, who knows, someday our little girlie may be the next Letterman or Leno! We'll have to wait and see!


Teamcarbone said...

OMG that pictures fits perfect with this storie! Thanks for sharing, but I hope for your sake these are limited apperances. :)

Deanna said...

Yes, she looks like a star, doesn't she? (Or a ham - you pick!)

Christine said...

Well who knows what they will be when they get older but this morning my daughter said "I want to be Santa when I grow up, but what will I do about this?" and patted her belly!!!

Deanna said...

How funny is she! That is one for the baby book!