Friday, May 1, 2009

Blow Horn Etiquette (I don't know what to call this...)

The other night my youngest and I went to Target to get a new memory card for the camera in preparation for our Florida trip. Getting into the car, she noticed a party “blow horn” left from a birthday party goodie bag. She tried and tried to make it work and finally got a little sound out of it – not too offensive, so I let her take it into Target. She was blowing on it and blowing on it, having a great time -- the thing would roll out, it would make a little horn noise -- loads of fun.

We get to Electronics, and I talk to someone about the memory card -- they are out of stock, and I ask if they can tell me if they have any at another Target. One of the guys working there squats down on the floor to scan the inventory code with his little scanner thing, and my little one looks down at him and says to me in this serious voice, "Can I horn him?" No, no -- you don't need to horn him! Then she looks up and points to the other guy working at the counter and says in the same voice, "Can I horn him?" This little girlie is constantly making me laugh – she definitely makes the most mundane tasks entertaining!


Christine said...

That's Hysterical!

Deanna said...

I know, it totally cracked me up! BTW - couldn't think of what to title this - ALMOST titled it "Come Blow Your Horn" for your sake! ;)

Kristin said...

Just got to this and had a good laugh too!