Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Communion

Ok, I was about to post something else, but I realized that I couldn't go from "First Communion Frenzy" to the next thing without having some mention of the First Communion, and perhaps a picture of my lovely girl! It was a great day, aside from a minor hair catastrophe in the morning... But really, a wonderful day spent with family and friends! We were so proud of our girl, and touched when we heard her saying that this was probably the biggest day of her life so far!

I was able to find a veil finally -- almost made one, but decided that I didn't have the time, patience, or skill to do that -- I found 2 separate pieces at David's Bridal and put them together to make this -- much better than anything I could have done!

We spent a great weekend with my mother-in-law and her sister, who flew out for the occasion. After the first communion mass, we had family and friends back to our house for a party. My girl went from that party to her cousin's birthday sleepover party that night, where she stayed up 'til all hours and had a wonderful time -- the rest of us just crashed on the couch watching a movie and recuperating from the hectic day! On Sunday we went to the Strong Museum and had a great time there, as usual. Monday was back to work and school, and now we are thrilled to be getting ready for a trip to Florida to visit Nana and Mickey Mouse!

Oh, and this little one also had a nice time at her sister's big event!


Catherine said...

Love the pictures - Wish we could of been there.

Deanna said...

We wish we could be at your girlie's this weekend!!