Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick Tip for Cutting Up Your Child's Food

I had what I thought was a brilliant inspiration for a Mother's Helper invention this past year -- brought on by my cutting my little one's food into tiny pieces for about the millionth time... I've had aspirations of getting a patent and being one of those self-made millionaire moms showing off their inventions on The View or Oprah. Sadly, the other day I got a catalog in the mail and saw something a little similar to my idea -- sniff, sniff!

BUT, while I was waiting to put together my own creation, my sister-in-law Jess passed along an idea that one of her friends taught her -- and I have to say, it works great! We were having pizza with Jess and family, and instead of getting out a knife to cut the pizza into tiny pieces for the two littlest girls, she got out her kitchen shears and cut it up like it was a piece of paper! I tucked that idea away and the next time I needed to cut something up for my girlie, I whipped out the kitchen shears -- worked like a charm! My oldest daughter was nursing a loose tooth for QUITE some time, and she loves Bagel Bites, but wouldn't eat them unless they were cut into quarters. This is truly a pain when using a knife -- all of the toppings come off, it's messy! I picked them up individually, cut through them with ease, using the kitchen shears, and the mess was cut in half -- pardon the pun.

You could use this for waffles, grilled cheese -- you name it! If you use your kitchen shears to cut raw meat (which I don't), you may want to invest in a second pair for the kid's food -- just to be on the safe side -- although I wash my kitchen shears in the dishwasher all the time. Hope you find this to be a helpful time-saver, just like I did!


Kristin said...

Hmm I might just have to pick up a 2nd pair of kitchen shears. Thanks for the tip.

Christine said...

I actually DO do that sometimes!

Christine said...


Why not just use the kitchen shears you have already???