Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jumping in Puddles

After dropping my older daughter off at Girl Scouts, my little one was so sad to leave – she loves going to the meetings and she SO wants to be a Girl Scout! It had been raining and there were puddles on the ground, and on our way out I said, “Do you want to jump in a puddle?” She was holding my hand and together we went over to the first puddle that we found and we both jumped in and splashed around! This brightened her mood considerably – mine too, actually! We went around the parking lot and found as many puddles as we could and splashed around and laughed!

Sometimes I feel like I’m always being the practical mom and worrying about safety and worrying about keeping clothes and shoes neat and tidy. Last night I thought, what’s the harm? It’s great to shake off that serious side and just have fun and act like a kid – and most importantly, let your kids act like kids!

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Kristin said...

Good for you! I find it difficult to let loose and just get silly with my LO, especially at this age when it's a constant balance of discipline and letting her explore her independence.