Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking the Kids to Disney – A Preview

We just got back from a wonderful 10-day trip to Florida, split between Disney and Nana’s house near Tampa. With regard to the family trip to Disney, I have so many things to share, I thought I would split it into two upcoming posts entitled “Things We Did Right” and “Things We Would Do Differently.”

All week, I have been thinking of all of the tips I would like to share – hopefully these will be helpful to anyone either planning a trip to Disney with their kids, or thinking of planning a trip! (Which I highly recommend – we truly had a wonderful time!)

Oh -- and I promise not to bore with you with ALL of my pictures – so far I have gotten the original 583 (did I mention I’m from a Kodak family?) down to 437 – still have some more to take out… I promised my sister-in-law Jess that I would take out all of the bad pictures and all of the duplicates before I send them out to family and friends...

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Kristin said...

OMG over 500 pictures. That was a fun trip for sure!