Saturday, May 30, 2009

That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out!

(WARNING -- I have hundreds of pictures from our trip to Disney, and I reserve the right to use those -- excessively -- in posts, as I see fit -- regardless of their relevance to the subject matter of said post. Excessively.) My nearly 3-year-old has taken to calling my name (Mommy) REPEATEDLY to get what she wants, particularly when she wants to get up in the morning or get up from a nap (she's still in a crib, until her 3rd birthday in July, when she'll get her first "big girl bed")... This morning she made me chuckle by calling my name over and over in her usual sing-songy style, "Mom-mee! Mom-mee" This morning I was feeling quite tired, and she was up quite early sounding her "alarm" so I chose to just lie in bed a little while longer. Finally I heard, "I SAID -- MOM-MEE! MOM-MEE!" Oh, right! That's me -- I'm coming!

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Kristin said...

Yep I know that call too and oh those early wakes can be brutal especially on your day off!

I will leave my LO for 10-15 if she's up too early but I can't let her go too long otherwise when I open the door to get her I will find a naked child!