Monday, July 28, 2008

The Speed of Life

Friday night, after a fun-filled evening of popcorn, 3-D glasses, and Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel (the concert/movie that we saw a few months back was televised…), I put my oldest girlie to bed only to have her pop up four different times with four different excuses… One of them actually did strike a cord with me (not enough to let her stay up!) and that was, “(Sob) Mommy, I don’t want to be 20 and move out of the house! (sob)” This was a slight twist on when she periodically tells me that she doesn’t want to grow up and always wants to be my little girl – but I don’t recall my husband or I ever indicating that 20 was the cut-off age for living in the house! To get her to go to sleep, we had a (SHORT) talk about how we don’t need to worry about something that is so far away. I told her that she’s not even 8 yet, and that before she’s 20 it will be another whole 8 years (her entire life so far) plus another 4 years (half of her life so far), so this is not something that needed to keep us up that night! I also told her that while she loves being a little girl now, I am sure that she will love being an adult. I said that I have a wonderful husband and two precious daughters that I love, and that now as an adult I get to make my own decisions. If I don’t want to clean my room, no one is there to tell me that I have to. If I see something at the store that I want to buy, I have a job and I can buy it! See, there are some benefits to growing up! ;)

Anyway, I wanted to get her to go to sleep so we wrapped that up pretty quickly, and I certainly would not want to add to her anxiety level, but as much as I think she was saying that as a stall tactic – it definitely hit home with me. Time seems to be racing by faster than I care for it to move. (Now is when you should click on My Playlist to play “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney!) I cannot believe that my “baby” is already 2 years old and that my "little girl" is going to be 8! AND in the second grade in a month! And I’m going to be 37 next week – when did THAT happen? This summer is flying by so quickly, but life also seems to be moving at a quicker than normal pace. I’m sure it’s impossible to slow it down, but I’d like to try and relish the good stuff more often – and let go of the things that seem to try my patience. Something I’m always striving for – someday I’ll master that!!

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Teamcarbone said...

Your girl comes up with some crazy excuses to stay up late. LOL But seriously I think her feels about being scared to grow up are real, she might be feeling like you, life is going sooo fast. Talking about is always helpful for both of you. I thinking being home with my LO I forget how fast life goes by and that I need to stop and just get some extra hugs and kisses.