Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things (Still!)

My little 2-year-old has taken to saying every night at bedtime (as I am trying to slink out the door), “Mommy, guess what?” (which sounds more like “Mommy, guessa Hwhat?” And because it sounds SO adorable, I respond every time, “What, baby?” And then she rattles off some mumbled unintelligible string of words as a response (partially muffled by her “binky”). This goes on at least 3 or 4 times a night as I close the door ever so slightly until it is finally closed, and then after a few minutes she drifts off to sleep. Not sure where the Guess What thing came from, but I love it!

My 7-1/2 year old was drinking a bottle of Poland Spring water over the weekend, and we bought the kind that are shaped almost like the old Coca-Cola bottles and they claim to be more eco-friendly because there is less plastic. Anyway, she says to me, “Mommy, what does echo friendly mean?” And before I can answer, she holds the bottle up to her mouth and she says into it, “Hello? Hello?” – listening for the echo! Classic!

My littlest one constantly says things with a panic stricken voice and occasionally has her two little hands pressed to her cheeks (think Macauley Culkin in the first “Home Alone” movie) – she says things like, “OH NO!” and “OH GOSH!” But with the sweetest little voice! She also says this a lot at the store if she hears a baby crying – and she seems to have finely tuned radar for crying babies! She’ll say (with the hands on her cheeks), “Oh no! Baby’s cryning!” (With the extra “n” in there – very sweet!) For her birthday, Grandpa and Gramby gave her a baby and a baby doll cradle. The baby has a battery pack and it will cry when it is hungry – when it’s crying she does the same routine as if it were a real baby “cryning” in the store – thankfully, this baby has an on/off switch! The other night she was putting her baby to bed in her doll cradle and for some reason, once she tucked the baby in under the blanket, she stepped into the cradle with both feet and stood over the baby! I said, “Oh no, sweetie! You are the Mommy – you don’t go in the cradle! You never see Mommy climb into YOUR crib, right?” Fortunately, at least for the time-being, she seemed to follow that logic!

The morning of our trip to Long Island, my littlest one woke up sick – I mean, throw up in your bed in the middle of the night sick… I made an appointment to take her in to the doctor that morning, and while I was getting her ready, my older girlie was bouncing off the walls excited about our trip. I told her, “Honey, don’t get too excited yet, because your sister is sick and if the doctor says she shouldn’t go…” And I kind of trailed off so that she could come to her own conclusion. And she did – she said (in all seriousness), “You mean, it would just be the three of us that would go?’ Um, yes. Yes, it would. We would leave your sick, 2-year-old sister home by herself all weekend – just her and the cat, celebrating her 2nd birthday! Fortunately, her fever was down and a rapid strep test came back negative and her ears were free from infection, so the doctor gave us a stamp of approval to go – and she was great, didn’t get sick at all! Thank heavens we didn’t have to leave her home alone! ;)

Last one – this afternoon my little girlie woke up from her afternoon nap and she called to my husband, “Hi Daddy! I’m back!”

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Teamcarbone said...

Okay the last one got me, that is adorable! Like Hey just in case you thought I was gone, I'm back!