Friday, July 4, 2008

One Final Thought re: "Fussy Eater" Post

I was meaning to pass along this one final thought in connection with my "Battle of the Fussy Eater" post below, but lost track due to camping preparations...

In talking about the situation with my father the next day, he pointed out the importance of our following through and being consistent when trying to discipline our older daughter, in particular, because as he pointed out -- our little one is right there observing. She will be watching to see what her older sister can "get away with" and if we aren't careful and consistent, she may very well try to put what she has observed into action!

My friend Catherine has an interesting situation as well -- she has two children, one who is 19 and one who is 7-1/2, like my girl. Her youngest watches what her older brother does and then turns things around on her mom and dad, "Well, he didn't finish his dinner!" Or, "He doesn't have to go to bed at that time!" It's funny, because clearly, a 19 year old and a 7 year old will have different privileges, but it just shows how observant children are!

I wanted to share that for any of you moms or dads who are in the same situation as we are, but also I wanted to make a note of it here so that I can continue to remind myself that little eyes are always watching! ;)

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