Friday, February 8, 2008

What a Week!

Whew! This past week in our house has felt at least 2 weeks long! The week started Sunday with my friend Catherine and I taking our 7 year old daughters (8 days apart!) to see the Hannah Montana 3-D Concert Movie. The movie was very cute, the girls had a great time, and Cath and I actually enjoyed ourselves too! That was also Superbowl Sunday, and although we are a hockey family, my girl enjoys having a party for any reason and she requested that I make chili for our own little Superbowl party. She was very excited (at first) to watch the game because her bus driver had taken "predictions" from all of the kids on the bus and if any of them were right, he'd have a prize for them on Monday. Her grandpa helped her with "Patriots 28 - 17." Well, obviously she did not win... Anyway, she was into it until just before half-time when she finally took over the remote and switched over to the Disney Channel!

Monday was back to work and it was my grandfather's birthday and we've started a little tradition to get together at Dunkin Donuts (one of Grandpa's favorite places!) for a donut and coffee in his honor. It was a little late for our crew, so again we celebrated at home, with a donut for dessert. And again, my older daughter is always up for a celebration of any kind, and so naturally she put on a festive outfit -- her Tinkerbell costume, cowboy boots, and her bonnet!

Monday also brought a big surprise, which was my husband finding out that his boss revoked the vacation request that he had signed off on over a month ago, citing coverage issues, and so our vacation to Long Island to see my husband's family looked like it was out of the question! My husband apparently said to the HR director, "Well, he can call my wife and explain this to her!" But more than me, he has our 7 year old to answer to -- she was not too happy to hear we might not go! The week has been a back and forth saga of "what about if we go this day to this day" or "what if this friend drives one way with me and the girls and you fly out?" and so on and so forth. Today we found out for certain that we have Fri - Sun (original plan was Fri - Tues) and barring anymore unforeseen complications, we are planning to be up and out of the house by 4am (yikes!) so that with the 8 hour drive we will get there around lunch time. It has been a very trying week for a control freak like myself! ;) But we will just make the most of our time there -- my girl is going to spend Friday night with her cousin -- one of her very best friends -- they are 2 months apart in age and just 2 peas in a pod! Her cousin has "Sports Night" at her school Friday night and my girl is invited to join in the fun, AND have a sleepover at her aunt & uncle's house! She's very excited!

We also had my husband's birthday in there on Wednesday - just a little celebration at home with dinner, presents, and a peanut butter pie (one of his favorites). This week was also report card week for our oldest daughter and -- Proud Mother Moment -- she did fantastic! We were so proud of her -- she improved in a couple of areas that the teacher had marked as a "goal to develop" and she even got a handwritten note from the principal congratulating her on having such a great report! And again -- celebration, of course -- she wanted to celebrate with McDonald's for dinner so we did that last night after her dance class.

Today my littlest girlie had her first "play date!" Two of my good friends from high school -- Chrissy and Kristin -- came over with their girls who are 3 years and 21 months. My girl was quite clingy with me, and I'm sure was wondering who these small people were who were playing with her toys! But, she warmed up by the end and I think everyone enjoyed themselves -- I know I did! It was great to get together with girlfriends and get to catch up, while the kids were all playing together. We're already talking about going to an indoor playground sometime next month.

To round out the busy, busy week, tomorrow we have Catherine's daughter's pizza party / birthday party and then on Sunday we have Sunday School and another birthday party in the afternoon! WHEW! Then Mommy is going to fall in heap in the corner! Or start gearing up for our next busy week with the packing and the driving and the whirlwind of family fun in Long Island! I'm sure I'll be able to get a nap when my kids are in college... ;)

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Teamcarbone said...

Oh my! My head is spinning from reading about your crazy and emotional week. Sorry to hear about the vacation issue, I really hope your hubby can stick things out for the next month and a half...

I'm really glad you were able to salvage the vacation and although it will be a quickie it will be fun all the same.

Your play date sounded like fun and great for the kids too. I love watching LOs explore other LOs. I'm glad Mackenzie was willing to share her toys! :)

Keep breathing and you'll make it through!