Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Embarrassing!

My father and I were just talking today about how parents embarrass their children -- Dad said, "Of course, I never embarrassed you!" He said that with a laugh, because we both know that's not true... Let's see, there was the time that he was in Spandex in an aerobics video that was released for sale to the public... There was the time that he and my stepmother just happened to go to a hillbilly themed wedding (I believe it was actually a "shotgun" wedding and apparently the bride and groom enjoy a theme almost as much as I do!) on the same day that I was having my friends over to our house for a party. They walked in -- dressed as HILLBILLIES -- and I went up and linked arms with him saying, "Hi Daddy!" and whisked him around the corner into the kitchen and away from my friends. I ripped off the big, red suspenders he was wearing (with his cut-off jean shorts...) and threw them up in a kitchen cupboard saying, "Are you trying to KILL me?" Gotta love my dad though -- he just laughed (once his head stopped spinning) and he still tells that story and laughs about it!

Not to single Dad out -- I'm sure that my mom has also done embarrassing things -- heck, to a teenager, EVERYTHING their parents do and say is embarrassing! Anyway, in keeping with the parents embarrassing their children tradition, I just had to share this picture of my sweet baby! I put her in these jeans before I left for work this morning, and they are adorable from the front, with some pretty pink embroidered flowers -- but tonight I noticed that from the back -- not flattering!! Talk about not knowing your market -- how did the designer think these were going to be flattering when their target market wears diapers? Judge for yourself -- poor sweetie, my husband and I were just cracking up thinking these look just like those stereotypical "Mom" jeans! ;)


Teamcarbone said...

tHee Hee I'm sure I could make a list from front to back of embarrassing things we've done so far and our LO is only 11 mo.!

Good think she's too little to know just how embarrassed she should be!

Lulu said...

Was Grandpa really wearing Spandex in an Aerobics Video that was released to the public?