Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fight "Bac!"

I wanted to share this story about my little 2 year old niece, so that hopefully no one else will go through what my sister-in-law and her family went through this past week! Last week my poor little niece got very sick -- throwing up continuously (I believe my SIL said 15 times in 12 hours) and she became very dehydrated. After calling their doctor, my sister-in-law and her husband took their daughter to the ER where she was eventually admitted. At first they thought that she had pneumonia, but they ruled that out. In speaking with the doctors, my SIL mentioned that she had caught her daughter sucking on a kitchen sponge and mentioned this to the doctor. The doctors believe that she developed a bacterial infection from the sponge! My poor niece ended up being in the hospital for 3 days and 2 nights! Fortunately, she is home now and doing much better -- but what a scare!

I tend to throw my sponges in the dishwasher, almost every night to clean them, but I got an even better tip from my friend Catherine today -- throw your sponge in the microwave for 1 minute and it kills all of the germs on your sponge!

It's just another thing to be aware of when we are constantly trying to keep our little ones out of harm's way!


Teamcarbone said...

I love this idea too and hearing about that tip I took a course in college, strange yes but it was part of a project in my nutrition class. Don't you remember?? LOL

Glad to hear your niece is better, but man that sounded scary!

Christine said...

Ever since I've heard this story I've told a bunch of people as a cautionary tale! How horrible this must have been for everyone involved!

Deanna said...

I know - very scary! Just glad that she's all right now!

I remember the class, but I don't remember the bacteria project... Such a long time ago, and my memory is not as good as it once was!

Teamcarbone said...

We were given a topic which we had to present in front of the class and someone talked about bacteria and sponges.

Mommy brain forget about! :)