Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Kindness of Strangers

On my way to work today, I glanced down at my wrist and noticed that the diamond bracelet that my husband gave me as a wedding gift, was missing. I wear it constantly and I'm so used to it being there that it's become an extension of my arm I'm afraid I don't always pay attention to it and I had no idea when I remembered seeing it last!

I tried to retrace my steps of the past few days -- I asked the women at the front desk of my office if anyone had turned in a bracelet, I called my church, my daughter's Sunday school, and even my local grocery store. I tore apart my desk, purse, tote bag, and my mother (who was watching my daughter at my house today) was nice enough to look around the house for me. Finally, I got a call back from the grocery store, and they said that someone had turned in a bracelet on Sunday (the day I was shopping) and after I described it to the woman, she was sure that this was mine! I can't tell you what a relief it was to get it back -- I nearly cried at the service desk of the store! What are the odds that you could lose something like that in a busy, public place, and you would somehow get it back?

I am a tremendously sentimental person, and I treasure the things that have been passed along to me by my family -- my mother's engagement ring, my grandmother's ring. Having two daughters, I always think about passing these and my own jewelry on for them to treasure when they are older. And now thanks to the thoughtfulness and honesty of a complete stranger, I have one of my most sentimental belongings back -- I can't thank them enough!


Christine said...

I can't believe that someone turned that it. (I'm too cynical I guess) I'm so happy you got it back!

Deanna said...

I know! It's really unbelievable! I tend to be cynical too sometimes, but I love to be proven wrong!!