Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fun at the Sock Hop!

Last night, after Grandpa & Gramby brought my littlest girlie back from Grandparents Night at her elementary school, we were off to our eldest daughter's middle school for their annual Sock Hop!  This was our second year attending, and it's a lot of fun!  Of course, my daughter and her friends never seem to do much dancing -- but the Sock Hop Committee puts on a great event!  For $8 for a family, there's a dj, pizza, snow cones, popcorn, floats -- you name it! They had great raffle prizes last night -- my girls naturally went for the sugar-filled ones -- thankfully we didn't win!  My little one was QUITE disappointed that she didn't win the gumball machine (and a BUCKET of gum!) -- so I think we know what will be the first thing on her birthday wish list...  They have great decorations -- including records strung up across the gym -- and the kids all come in costume.

Last year my daughter was able to fit into a previous year's Halloween costume and wore a poodle skirt.  She's grown about a foot this past year, so the poodle skirt's now a mini -- that will be put away in the back of her younger sister's closet!  She wore rolled up jeans, one of her dad's button-down shirts tied at the waist, her pink sunglasses from her old Halloween costume, and a scarf of mine tied around her neck -- she looked adorable, if I do say so myself!  This is her and one of her best friends -- they've been inseparable since the first grade!

One of the girls from my Daisy troop was there with her family, so my youngest daughter was thrilled to see a friend and they had a great time running around and playing together (again, not much dancing!).  She also saw a little boy from her kindergarten class -- they both smiled and said hi -- I think she's got a little crush!  :)  The school requires kids to come to the dance with an adult (wise choice!), so my husband and I enjoyed visiting with some parents that we have become friends with through our kids -- so a good time was had by all!

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