Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

As I am sure all of you moms can relate, life has been so busy lately!  Work has been crazy and I've put in a lot of overtime on a recent project, but happily that is behind me!  We are winding down our first year of Daisy Girl Scouts, but still need to prepare for our first camping trip which will happen later in the summer.  I am also in the midst of planning my husband's family reunion and in addition to the party planning, we're using this as incentive to finish a lot of projects around the house and yard.  And the girls' school year is coming to a close next month, which means a flurry of school projects, school events, concerts, etc.  Thursday night we enjoyed our eldest's last choir concert of the year (possibly forever -- she wasn't a fan of choir this year!).  Next weekend her band plays the National Anthem at the local pro baseball game -- we're all looking forward to that!  And then one final concert for the band and the jazz band, and she also has to perform with the jazz band at the 4th grade band concert -- we remember that from last year, where they trot the jazz band out to show you what your child might sound like in the 5th and 6th grade!  My little one's elementary school will have their annual Flag Day ceremony, carnival, and her Kindergarten "graduation."  But tomorrow we are all taking a break from all of that to just spend some quality time together!  The only thing on the schedule is a bbq at my aunt's house and we'll get to see the whole family including Grandma (my grandmother - my girls' great grandmother).  So I'm looking forward to a lot of snuggles and kisses from my two sweet girls -- can't wait!!

Happy Mother's Day!

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