Saturday, April 7, 2012

Busy Bunnies!

We've been busy little bunnies over here! Work, school, Girl Scouts, family reunion planning, getting ready for Easter, and most exciting -- Nana's here to visit for a week! We've kept her busy too -- she flew in late on Tuesday night and got to spend time with the girls when they got home from school Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday night we all went to my eldest daughter's first jazz ensemble concert which was a lot of fun! Thursday night I was off to a Girl Scout Camporee meeting (the girls and I are getting very excited about that!) and Friday I dragged Nana and the girls around to run errands -- Easter with two girls means stockings, sweaters (for their sleeveless dresses -- knew that would bring the cold weather!), and new shoes! We also managed to squeeze in lunch and a visit to my grandmother at the nursing home. The girls and I make it a point to visit her once a week, and we really enjoy it. The girls have made friends with Kermit (that's his real name!) who works there, and when we come to visit he always offers them a dixie cup of ice cream which they just love. We find it fun to bring Gram a treat -- she's got an incredible sweet tooth, so it's usually cookies -- and we've been making sure that her room is decorated for the holidays. A couple of weeks ago we took down the St. Patrick's Day decorations and last weekend we decorated for Easter and Spring. Gram is my dad's mother, but she just loves my mom and my mom always enjoys seeing her when she's in town.

Today we went to see the movie, "Mirror, Mirror" which was quite cute. The girls enjoyed it and were pretty patient, considering the movie broke halfway through and we were sitting there waiting to see if they could fix it! Luckily for us, they fixed it within 10 minutes or so, AND gave us each a free movie ticket for another time! We're probably save those until June, when Disney / Pixar's "Brave" comes out -- we're Scottish on mom's side of the family, and the girls and I are quite proud of that -- can't wait to see this new Disney / Pixar movie about a brave Scottish girl! After the movie, we took the girls to our favorite park and they played for a while before it was back home for Easter egg decorating and bath time so they are all ready for tomorrow! Nana treated us to Chinese take-out for dinner -- our favorite! And now the girls are asleep in my youngest daughter's bed -- second night in a row -- very cute! They are on Spring Recess now -- I wonder if we'll have a repeat of Winter Recess when they had sleepovers in each other's rooms for 9 nights in a row?

Tomorrow I'm sure they'll be up at the crack of dawn (I should really get to bed so the Easter Bunny can come!) and then they'll search for their baskets and we'll get ready and head out to church and then a visit with the Gram and the family at my dad & stepmother's house. Back to our house where the girls will search for eggs and then a special Easter dinner.

Here's wishing you a wonderful day spent with family and friends!

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