Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Fool's Day

I just wanted to report that my girl, who was a prank-playing "April Fool" last year, only pulled one on us this year! It was the soap prank from last year's bag of tricks, but she got me good with it this year -- especially considering that
I knew about it the night before!! My girl went upstairs at dinner time saying, "Wait! I have to do something!" My husband thought she had to go to the bathroom, and we did in fact hear the bathroom door close. She came down a few minutes later and during the course of conversation at dinner she said, "Don't go into the shower tonight!" Well, of course that's going to raise suspicion! I said, "Did you hide the soap again?" And she said, "How did you know?!" Fast forward to the next morning, when I am up earlier than usual to get to a doctor's appointment before heading to work -- I am undressed, and I open the shower curtain and start the water. I notice that the only soap in the shower is the little baby doll toy soap that is white plastic and has the word "SOAP" printed on it. I look around the bathroom cupboards -- no soap -- not the soap that she had taken out of the shower, and not the new, unopened soap. I throw on a robe and head downstairs to see my daughter, who is up early and on the computer. "Ok, very funny, where's all of the soap?" Apparently, she put it in her sister's hat drawer in her dresser. So, back upstairs, CAREFULLY climbing over the baby-gate, tip-toeing across the room and quietly opening the dresser drawer, so as not to wake the sleeping child! And in her hat drawer I found the used soap, the new soap, all of my shower gels, and even the great Suave 3-in-1 soap that the girls use! My girl was not leaving any stone unturned!

I can't imagine I'll fall for that again next year... I hope! ;)


Kristin said...

Well done on her part! Not such a funny thing for Momma!

Christine said...

Hat drawer!! How many hats does that child own???

Liv's pretty funny!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Um, have you met my husband? That hat thing is genetic, I think!