Sunday, March 28, 2010

R.I.P. Marissa the Fish

Poor Marissa - she had such a short life, and she was so misunderstood. Just as we had decided that she was not, in fact dying, but instead the laziest fish on earth, she passed on to that big fish bowl in the sky. The girls were playing downstairs and my husband came into the living room to peek at the fish. He said, "Honestly, that fish just drives me nuts! It is laying completely on it's side!" Well, he took out the net to gently nudge the fish (we've been doing this once or twice weekly -- we find it easier than holding a mirror under her nose...) and this time, she did not jump up all annoyed at being disturbed. This time, she was really gone. We left her there "napping" until our sweet little 3-year-old took her nap and then Daddy and her big sister rushed out to Petco to find another Marissa! We'll see how this goes -- I feel terrible not telling her the truth, but she's so little still and it's a fish -- it's not like we are trying to bring in a different dog or something. Our eldest daughter did a good job picking a fish that looks very similar to "Marissa the First" but it will be interesting to see if the fact that Marissa the Second actually gets up and moves will clue our little sweet girlie into our little secret!

How have you handled the death of a pet with your children?


Christine said...

So??? How did the great fish caper go? Did she notice? Is this marissa a little more lively?

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Never noticed a thing! This Marissa started a lot peppier, but seems to be slowing down. Still, she's breathing, so that is a big step above the other one!