Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quick & Easy Way to Clear a Room

At our family Christmas Eve party at my aunt's house, she came up with a novel way of clearing a house full of relatives out in no time flat! She pulled out her 2-year-old grandson's Christmas present -- a child's drum set!! My father (her older brother) said to my cousin (the child's father), "So, apparently your mother hates you!" (Teasing, of course!) My 3-year-old jumped right into the fun and grabbed one of the drumsticks and she and her little cousin beat away on the drums. My older daughter wanted to play too, and so Gramby, being the helper that she is, went into the kitchen and grabbed a wooden spoon. My littlest one said, "Oh, THANK YOU Gramby, for getting a stick for my sister!" Surprisingly enough, pretty much the whole house was cleared of relatives within 15 minutes! ;)


Christine said...

OH MY GOD. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. A 2 year old with drums......So glad I dodged that bullet.

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I know! I was not super excited about -- thought it was cute and took a bunch of pictures, but had no desire to live with a set of drums and a 3 year old at my house... And when I posted this, I thought of you immediately!