Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Puzzle for Preschooler

My 3-year-old has recently discovered the world of puzzles -- she absolutely loves them and is so proud of herself when she finishes one. We have been enjoying a collection of puzzles that she received as a gift for her birthday this year. The "20 Word Picture Puzzle" by Infantino is wonderful! Each of the 20 puzzles has a large, brightly colored picture representing a single word ranging from 3 to 5 letters. Each puzzle is broken down into one piece per letter of each word. Right now, my girl can recognize the pictures and put those together, but as she gets a little older, she'll be able to put the letters together to complete the word. All 20 puzzles together would be a little overwhelming for us to focus and put things together, but I found a fun way for my girl and I to complete the puzzles together! I find the pieces to a couple of the puzzles and I mix them up and hand them to my little one and tell her "Here is BEAR and QUEEN" and she sorts them out and puts them together. She gets very excited, every time she completes one -- she gets a "high five" from Mommy and then we line it up with the other completed puzzles.

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