Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Safety First: Emergency Phone List

(Ok, so this picture doesn't have anything to do with this topic, but I was looking for a cute picture of my girlie on the phone - which I couldn't find - and I found this cute one instead!)

This is a simple thing to do and a great way to start preparing your children to handle emergency situations. As soon as your child is old enough to use the phone (i.e., the child can reach the phone, the child knows their numbers, etc.) make sure that you teach your child to use your phone! Back in the “olden days” when I was growing up, you picked up the handset of the phone and voila, it’s ready to go – just dial the number and your call goes through. Now, many of us probably have portable phones (I know we do) and you need to make sure that your child knows which button to press to get a dial tone on the phone. So, step one is to teach your child to use the phone.

Step two is to make an Emergency Phone List to post prominently in the house - near the phone, on the fridge, etc. - but post it somewhere that your child can easily find it and at their eye level so they can see it. You can do this by hand or I've done these on the computer, in a large, clear font that my child can read easily. Start with 911 and then list other important numbers like Mom and/or Dad's work numbers, cell phone numbers, Grandparents, Neighbor, Close Friend - anyone who would be available to help your child in an emergency.

If your child cannot read the names on the list, try posting pictures of the people next to their phone numbers.

And finally, practice using the phone with your child - have them call Grandma or Grandpa from time to time - it will be good practice for your child to ensure that they are able to use the phone in the event of an emergency. And I'm sure their grandparents will love to hear from the kids!

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Christine said...

I was just thinking about this today when E asked me, "Can I learn to use the phone when I'm a teenager?" I was thinking I at least needed to teach her how to dial 911 sooner than that!