Friday, March 6, 2009

First "Big Girl" Sleepover!

Ugh... My 8 year old is on her first overnight away from home, and away from family! She's slept at Nana's, Grandpa & Gramby's, and on our last trip to Long Island, she had a sleepover with her cousin Julie over at Grandma's house. But those are all family -- tonight is the real deal! Her Brownie troop is having an overnight at the zoo and she has been so excited about this! Originally, I was supposed to go with her, but my husband is working late and I would have had to get a babysitter for my younger daughter. My girl and I talked about it and she was ok with me missing the "camp-out" -- her very good friend from school was going and her mom would be chaperoning. That made my girl feel comfortable and made me feel much better as well.

My little one and I went to drop her off at the zoo tonight around 5:30 and as I was saying goodbye and hugging her tight, I found that I was getting choked up and had tears in my eyes. It was hard to hand my girl over, even though I know she'll be safe and well taken care of. I had tried over the past few days to make myself feel better about not going, by telling myself, "She'll get there, she'll be with her friend, she won't notice that I'm not there!" Well, just as I predicted, she and her friend were running around and around, super excited and it was definitely, "Mom, who?" And you would think that that would be a relief -- you know, that she'll have a great time and not be missing me like crazy? Yeah, no. (There's just no pleasing me, I tell you!) :)

But before the tears could roll out of my own eyes, my littlest girlie started sobbing for her sister and saying, "I want my Lulu back!" I felt terrible for her, but on the plus side, it stopped ME from crying -- I think the other parents and kids would have thought I was a nut! And "Lulu's" friend's mother who was braving the sleepover came over and asked to put my phone number in her cell phone in case my girl wanted to call me later, which was really thoughtful! I won't be disappointed if she doesn't call tonight -- they had an incredibly busy schedule for a camp-out that lasts from 5:30pm to 9:00am -- REALLY, I won't be disappointed! ;)

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