Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daddy’s “Emergency” Take-Out Kid’s Meal

So, they say that “necessity is the mother of invention” but I have to give credit to my husband for this one! The other night we decided to get take-out from a local hot dog/burger joint. My husband was going out to pick up dinner and I told him what I would like and our 8-year-old requested a toasted cheese kids meal. Our littlest girlie rarely ever eats anything other than french fries from this place, so we decided that we would make her a hot dog at home and share our with her. Great plan… Daddy got home with dinner and we sat down at the table to eat.

She took one look at her big sister’s kid’s meal box and got very upset, cried and said over and over, “I want my box!” There was no consoling her! My husband disappeared for a couple of minutes, and he reappeared in the kitchen with a gift box from my gift-wrap stash. I took the bottom of the box and I cut it so that it would bend in half like the one from the restaurant. I put a paper towel in the box as a liner, and I put her home-cooked hot dog on that. I also took one of the french fry containers from the restaurant and I put some fries in there for her and added that to the box. We carried that out and set it on her high chair tray – it was almost perfect, except that her sister’s box had a 2-pack of Oreo cookies! We had no Oreo’s in the house, so I suggested that they share and each get 1. Both girls agreed, and her kid’s meal was complete! With peace once again restored to the “kingdom”, we were all able to sit and enjoy our dinner!

It helps to be able to think outside of the box (pardon the pun) when you are a parent – your kids will definitely keep you on your toes!

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Teamcarbone said...

Well done Drew you certainly were quick on your feet that night!