Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rewind Queen - The Sequel

For many years, I have dubbed myself the “Rewind Queen.” Back in “the day” (way back when we all listened to cassette tapes) I was known to play a song that I liked, rewind it, play it again, rewind, play – you see a pattern forming here, right? The most famous example of this, in my family, is the year that my best friend Christine came on vacation with my dad, my stepmother Bridgett and me. My dad has always had a sailboat (my entire life, anyway), and so when I was growing up our vacations were sailing on the boat around Lake Ontario. Kind of like camping, but on the water! Well, that one summer Chris and my “theme song” was Amy Grant’s “Stay for Awhile” (check it out on my playlist down on the right side of this blog). We LOVED this song! When Dad & Bridgett went to sleep one night, Chris and I stayed up for HOURS playing the song, rewinding, playing the song, rewinding, etc. Here’s the thing – we were on a 28ft boat, not in a palatial estate – that song and the sound of the tape player rewinding kept Dad & Bridgett up all night! And not only that, we were rafted to another boat – Dad & Bridgett’s friends Jeff & Chris – and those poor people could hear our song all night, too! Amazingly enough, none of them threw either our tape player or us overboard – they just tease us about it to this day!

Well, everything comes full circle I guess – I have been getting a taste of my own medicine this past week! My daughter’s 8th birthday was last week, and for her big present, we bought her an iPod Shuffle. She absolutely loves it and has been walking around the house with it clipped to her and with her “ear buds” in listening to her music. Currently she has 36 songs loaded on it. Out of the 36, for the better part of the past week she has listened to, ONE song. Over and over. Now, with this new technology, I am not subjected to the grinding sound of the tape player rewinding, but with the click of a button, she is able to “rewind” and start her song over. Again, and again. And she sings her song. My girl LOVES Taylor Swift’s song, “Love Story” (also on my playlist below – enjoy!) and by now she knows it by heart and belts it out at the top of her lungs! As I recall, at least Chris and I had the courtesy and good sense to let Amy Grant sing her song over and over again – she does it much better than we would have! But, it’s sweet to hear my girl singing her favorite song over and over (and over) and I am thrilled that it’s a nice song – nothing objectionable! I have to laugh though when she complains about her little sister singing the songs from “The Heffalump Movie” again and again – she doesn’t quite see the connection!

Anyway, as my dad would say, I guess “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”


Christine said...

Ah ha ha!!! Maybe this is Karma. I wonder what I'm in for given all the times I've made people listen to things over and over!

I don't know why your Dad and B did not "accidentally" lose that tape over the side like a winch handle!

Leighanne said...

This story absolutely cracks me up! We all could listen to our "Summer tapes by Deanna" for hours! Brings nack many great memories my friend! Thanks for all of your mixes through the years!!!

Deanna said...

Chris - hysterical about the winch handle!! We'll have to ask him about that!

Leigh - my pleasure!