Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My, How Times Change!

Yesterday, I was talking to my mom and she mentioned that she is planning to sell her timeshare in St. Maarten’s that she’s had for (I’m guessing) close to 20 years. Talking about this with her yesterday, made me reminisce about my honeymoon, that my husband and I were fortunate enough to spend in St. Maarten’s, thanks to Mom! It was the second time that he and I had been there together, but our first trip there just the two of us. Aside from dealing with Hurricane Georges (hey, at least we have a memorable story to tell!), we had a wonderful time and would love to go back someday.

It’s funny to me to think back to our honeymoon, because I vividly remember us swimming at the beach, and talking about coming back again in the future. I believe it was I, who said, “And you know, even when we have kids in the future, we could always fly with them to NYC and leave them with your mom for a week while we come down here for a vacation!” Um, yeah. I was pretty naïve about how I would feel about my future children… I actually laugh about that conversation now, because our one daughter is almost 8, and we’ve never been away from her or her sister for more than an overnight weekend trip – that was within a 2-hour drive from our children… I somehow thought that I would drop my children off with Grandma (who would probably love that, actually) for a week and hubby and I would jaunt off on a plane to a tropical island for a week? I did not know me at all! :)

Perhaps we’ll just work on going out on a date a little more often, or going on an overnight once in a while, before we try to be jet-setters without the kids! And really, at this point, we would much rather take the kids with us – we’re planning a trip to Florida in May to visit Nana and Mickey Mouse!

I’d love to hear about any stories like this that you have to share – any thought processes that have changed since having kids?

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