Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keeping Track of Your Kid's Quotes

Somewhere around the house I have a notebook of funny things that my older daughter has said – it’s so fun to look back and laugh with her about them! For a long time, when I would remember something she said, or if she said something when I didn’t have the notebook handy, I would write the quote down on a scrap of paper – some of those I taped into the book, and some are waiting to go into her baby book. Another idea for keeping track of those precious little jewels, is to have a calendar at home that you can quickly jot one of your children’s quotes on. This is great too, because you can look back and see how old your child and how their personality developed as they aged. This is a great help for keeping track of things for your children’s baby books!

This blog has turned into another “scrapbook” of sorts because now I put some of those funny quotes in here to share! Here’s one that gave us a chuckle -- the other night, my little one was playing with her Fisher Price Little People, and she had them lined up and was telling us their names, “Mommy, Baby, Grandma, Boy with Glasses and Suitcase…” My older daughter reminded me about when my nephew started school and my sister-in-law asked him if he’d met any nice friends at school. He said, “Yes, I met Red Shirt and Blue Shirt, and Boy Who Cried For His Mommy!” That was a classic! I would imagine that boy has outgrown that name by now…

Speaking of funny names, my 8-year-old took one of her favorite baby dolls, “Smelly Baby” to school with her today! If I haven’t mentioned this before, Smelly Baby was her first baby doll – a Christmas present many years ago. The baby smells like baby powder and so she aptly name the doll “Smelly Baby” (my girl was 2 at the time, I believe). The following year, she wanted another baby doll, and she got one that looked (and smelled) very similarly to Smelly Baby. She told us that the new doll was Smelly’s sister, and she named her “Erika.” Can you imagine having two children and naming one “Smelly” and the other “Erika” – I’m sure there would be some complaints of favoritism in that household!

My littlest girlie has a favorite stuffed giraffe that she sleeps with, and for some reason she named the giraffe “Puppy.” Her older sister recently said with disdain, “Are we ALWAYS going to have to call that giraffe, PUPPY?” So I took that opportunity to gently remind her about Smelly Baby, and she said, “Oh, right. Nevermind!”

Do you have any tips for preserving those precious memories of your little ones? I’d love to hear about them!


Christine said...

I love smelly baby! It's so funny because of course your 8YO doesn't know friends but it so reminds me of Smelly Cat.

Love the "puppy" thing too. As you know, we have blue (blusey) who is an actual dog. However, the term Blusey is applied in our home to any much loved stuffed animal belonging to a child. As in,

"She's bringing her blusey,a giraffe named Puppy!"

Deanna said...

That's funny -- I hadn't thought of the Smelly Cat connection! I think Smelly Cat REALLY smelled though -- not like powder...

Is that like the "Skippy" thing from our youth? The ice cream's Skippy, the guy selling it is Skippy, the truck is Skippy? :)

Anonymous said...

HEY, HEY, HEY!! Her name is not Smelly, her name is Smelly Baby!!