Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Now I REALLY Need a Nappy All Day!

Hello there -- yes, I am still here! Life has been a little hectic lately, as I'm sure you all can relate to! Once we settled into the start of the school year, the next wave of chaos began -- the beginning of all of the extracurricular activities! My daughter is involved in dancing on Monday nights -- did I mention dance class expanding from 45 mins to 90 mins? And that the 90 minute class means that now we have to buy the shoes that total $50 instead of the $9 ballet slippers? Oh, sorry, that's just a small aside -- off the subject... ANYWAY, a friend of hers called the other day and asked her to join Girl Scouts, which started yesterday and will run every Tuesday night. And right in time for the cookie sale, that starts this Saturday -- PHEW! It would have been terrible if we had missed that! ;) And Sundays she is back to Sunday school, which started up again this past weekend -- so Sunday, Monday, Tuesday -- by Wednesday we'll be dropping from exhaustion!

But no dropping today -- yours truly decided it would be fun to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the family tonight! Granted, I did leave work early. I left at 1:30 and drove across town to the Girl Scout shop to buy a Brownie vest and patches that, THANKFULLY, are iron-on (which Daddy can be sweet-talked into taking care of!). And then over to my girlie's school to pick her up by 3pm, and then back to the house to bake a homemade pumpkin pie and prep the turkey for roasting... My mom (Nana) flew into town Sunday night to stay with us this week, and since we won't get to see her for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to celebrate a little early. I insisted on cooking everything myself until finally after my mother asked over and over again if she could help, I gladly took her help with peeling potatoes. We had a very nice dinner, although after a few bites my oldest daughter decided her tummy hurt and she was done -- except she was sure a piece of pumpkin pie would make her tummy feel better. Uh huh. And my youngest, who lately is only interested in hot dogs (at least they are "lite" hot dogs...) and the occasional chicken nugget -- LOVED the turkey! So, apparently all I need to do to get her to eat protein is to whip up a Thanksgiving turkey -- no sweat!

It's nice to take care of my family -- all of them! -- but I am looking forward to curling up on the couch to relax a little now!


Catherine Amico said...

Glad to see you are back. Since you aren't sitting next to me in the office, I was thrilled to read your blog. Turkey dinner at the Amico's tomorrow night (Friday) all thanks to you! You see when you sit in the same office (for you non-working Moms) when your office mate has a fabulous idea, the other must follow. So off to Weggies I went and purchased all the items for the dinner (well I had most of the items already).

Keep on blogging so I don't have to read ReallyBadHairDay's blog every day.

See you Monday.

Deanna said...

Missed you too! Can't wait to hear how Thanksgiving dinner went!!

I personally love ReallyBadHairDay's blog ( so I urge you to read that too -- just don't leave me altogether! ;)

Christine said...

How great to do that for your mom! What a nice dinner you must have had. I think I still have a turkey from last year that I should get out before getting another year!

Deanna said...

It was tiring, but really nice to do that for Mom and my family. And really, with the Reynolds bag it cuts down the time SO much! I'll have to pick up a couple of turkeys when they are on sale next month!