Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bad Dog!

My girls are always amusing (to me, at least...), but the latest thing that has been cracking us up, is what this little angelic face says when she is VERY mad! Usually it's directed at her sister or her mother... "BAD DOG, LULU! BAD DOG!" Or, "BAD DOG, MOMMY! BAD DOG!" I'm guessing she picked this up from Grandpa, who watches the kids at our house and brings "my brother" (the dog) over each day. I'm guessing Grandpa must have had to say this one or two times, and my girlie picked it up. Her sister tries to act indignant about being called a dog -- but mostly, we all just chuckle to ourselves! And my little girlie is always so serious when she says this -- she definitely saves it for when she really feels like she is being treated unjustly -- you know, like when it's bedtime and Mommy tries to get her jammies on her... I shared this little story with Catherine, my officemate and we both found it so amusing that for the rest of the day we were calling each other "Bad dog!" Hey -- it could be SO much worse!

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