Thursday, April 10, 2008

Play Date Manners

Last Friday, my littlest one and I were invited (along with another friend and her daughter) over to my girlfriend’s house for a birthday play date for her daughter who recently turned 1. My girlie is only about 9 months older than my friend’s daughter, so I am excited that they will probably grow up as friends, which will be nice for them! However, my girl was not making the best impression last week, so we will have to be working on our “play date manners!”

For example, even if it is NOT their birthday, it is still impolite to plow down your little friend with their own toy shopping cart… My girl has her own shopping cart at home, which she loves to play with. She puts her purse on her arm and she pushes her shopping cart around the living room, shopping for toy food and stuffed animals – very cute! Well, we got to our friend’s house and there was a new shopping cart to play with, and my girl wandered around pretty much minding her own business, playing with the cart. Until she was trying to get through a bottleneck of 2 little girls and a bunch of toys…

Unfortunately, the birthday girl, all dressed in her fancy, pink dress, was standing in between my girl and wherever it was that she was intending to push the cart to. So, my girl simply ran the birthday girl down with the shopping cart! Nothing malicious, certainly, it was definitely an “Oh, something’s in my way and the shopping cart is stuck, I’ll just have to push harder to get through!” thought process on my girl’s part. So down goes the birthday girl (unharmed, fortunately – just a little stunned, I would imagine) and I’m saying, “No, no! We have to be careful!” Well, the birthday girl starts to pull herself up (using the shopping cart to steady herself) and surprise, surprise, she is STILL in the way of my girl and the cart, so, of course, my girl plows her down AGAIN! Again, fortunately no harm was done, but really, we need to work on her play date manners!

Aside from that episode, it really was a nice visit – the 3 grown-ups got a little adult conversation in, the kids had a good time playing together, and we look forward to doing it again soon – hopefully without my girl running anyone down! I need to work on that with her, otherwise she’ll be a menace in the grocery store when she’s older! ;)


Teamcarbone said...

That is such a funny story and I'm the mother of said birthday girl who was plowed over but I don't remember that happening twice! All was forgiven and I'm all for my LO learning that there will be times in life that if you don't get out of the way you could be in jeapordy of being run over!

This will be a great story to share with our girls when they get older.

Thanks again for a fun day and we'll make sure we have more play dates, I'm sure both girls could use some play date manners.

Deanna said...

Glad there were no injuries, and glad that we could help in teaching that life lesson to her!