Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catching Up

I'm still here -- it's been a crazy week in our house (what else is new, right?) -- I have still been researching mini-vans and we are planning to go out Friday and try to make a deal -- I'll keep you posted on that!

We survived "Spring Break" in our house (my daughter's one week break from first grade). There were the usual moments of boredom -- which is funny, because we were trying to talk her into taking a dance camp this summer and she FLATLY refused. We said, "Ok, but you are going to be bored being home all summer, "No I won't!" Fast forward to halfway through the FIRST day of her week's vacation, "I'M BORED!" Really? We did talk her into taking a mini-camp through her dance school and it's called, "Me and My Shadow", I believe, and she can bring her sister along with her -- how cute!!

In spite of the initial boredom, she did get to do some fun things including a family trip to the Strong Museum -- that was really a great day! Grandpa took the girls to the indoor playground at the mall near our house, which is a lot of fun for them. We had movie night one night, and what did she pick to watch, "The Santa Clause 3" -- a Christmas movie on the hottest day of the year, thus far -- I believe it was 86 degrees that day/night! She was a little apprehensive about playing outside in the backyard -- big "bee fear" that we need to work through... But the weather has been nice and spring-like and I think we are all anxious to move the lawn furniture out and get out of the house!

Tomorrow is my father's birthday, so we have been getting ready for that -- Nana and my girl baked cupcakes for him this afternoon, so when he is here watching the girls tomorrow they can have a birthday treat! We signed his cards before bedtime and my older daughter signed her own name and her sister's name and she drew a picture on the card for Grandpa. I then turned the card over to my little one and gave her the pen and she made her own "drawing" while her big sister had a breakdown over the possibility of her artwork being scribbled over... We worked through it. She also made a happy birthday sign for Grandpa, and we are looking forward to going out to dinner with he and Gramby, and the two great-grandmothers for dinner tomorrow night!

Oh! We have an unexpected treat to look forward to this weekend -- my older daughter and I were invited to be guests of a friend of hers from school, and her mother, who were lucky enough to get 4 free tickets to see the ballet "Cinderella" performed by the City Ballet this weekend. We are very excited about that, and it was so thoughtful of them to think of inviting us!

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