Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Planning

So usually I try to make a "What we did this summer" recap list at the end of summer vacation.  It helps the girls to remember what they did before they get back to school and face the inevitable first week of school "What did you do this summer?" questions.  And, it is a nice keepsake for us to look back and remember the fun times we had.  Some summers fly by and I feel like we didn't get to do much, and then I am surprised when I sit down and type up my list.  This year I want to try something different and create a pre-summer list of all of things that we are hoping to do this summer and then I'll compare it at the end of the summer and see how well we did!

Here goes:

- Work in the garden / yard
- Swim in our new pool (got one of those 15' round inflatable ring pools to help us deal with leaving our beautiful in-ground pool back in NY -- the one thing they couldn't get on the truck!)
- Campfire!
- S'mores!
- Visit the town playground
- Go see a play at our local theater -- planning to take the girls to see "The Emperor's New Clothes!"
- Sleepovers for our eldest daughter
- Playdates for our youngest
- Paint the living room (ok, that's a Mommy & Daddy project...)
- Paint the outside doors (again, Mommy & Daddy...)
- Paint rocks with the girls -- saw a cute craft we want to try!
- Visit the town library
- Try a new-to-us diner in the next town over
- Visit Cathedral of the Pines
- Lobsters at Brown's Lobster Pound  (ok, so we just did this with Grandpa last week, but I'm sure we'll go again!) - my eldest discovered crab cakes and loved them and my youngest discovered the little lobster legs and loved them!
- Swimming at Hampton Beach (NH's ocean beach)
- Swimming & a picnic at Newfound Lake
- 4th of July weekend "up country" at my aunt & uncle's house
- Fireworks
- Visit with my sister-in-law and her family when they come out in July (yay!)
- Nana's visit!
- 8th birthday celebration for Kenzie!
- Clean out the shed (Mom & Dad -- have to hold myself accountable for some items, might as well put them here!)
- Girls & Daddy play street hockey in the driveway -- one of their favorite outdoor pastimes!
- Swim at the town pool - beautiful with a splash park and water slide into the pool!
- Swim at the town's swimming pond
- Swim at the little lake that we found nearby - one of the girls' favorite places to go!
- Visit the NH State Park that is just down the road from us
- Go to see a movie - Planes 2 is coming out on Kenzie's birthday - she's very excited!
- Go to Kimball Farms for ice cream
- Find the Girl Scout store -- have to get my little Brownie a sash!  (Oh, and then sew everything on to the sash...)
- Go to see the summer production of "The Little Mermaid" musical at the high school (one of Liv's BFF's is in it!)
- Laura Ingalls Wilder Day at the Genesee Country Village & Museum - of course!!!  Wouldn't miss it!
- Trip to NY to visit Grandpa, Gramby, friends & family
- Trip to Long Island to visit Grammy & the LI relatives
- Girls to have an overnight with Grandpa & Gramby on their sailboat
- De-clutter toys in the girls' rooms and the play room -- not necessarily a fun activity, but important!
- "Street Name" project -- if Liv and I work on it this summer, I promise to share!
- Start playhouse project?  This one will be a LOT of work, so we'll have to see - again, if it gets done, I'll share!
- Buy a new car -- fun for the whole family!  ;)
- Bake with the girls
- Have Auntie Pam over to visit
- Try new recipes -- 1 a week?  Let's see if we can stick to this!
- Work on family scrapbook project
- Vacation Bible School -- Liv is required to do 20 hours of community service in 8th grade and has the opportunity to help out with our church's Vacation Bible School -- she can earn 15 hours!

Ok!  Sounds like a busy summer!  We'll see how far we get with all of this -- wish us luck!!  I'll let you know how it goes in September!

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