Saturday, June 7, 2014

Birthmark - A Gift from God

My girls and I went to 5:00pm mass tonight at our church, and during the homily, our pastor spoke of the special gifts that God gives to us.  While he spoke of this, I noticed my 7-year-old touching her cheek over and over and she poked me to get my attention and then continued stroking her cheek.  I realized that she was stroking her "cafe au lait" birthmark on the side of her face!  She sat there through most of the homily, stroking her cheek, smiling, and nodding knowingly because since she was very young we have always told her that her birthmark came from God.  A couple of weeks ago during the homily, I noticed that she had dozed off (!!) so I was delighted to see that tonight she was a) awake, and b) apparently listening and relating to what the priest was saying!  So sweet! 

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