Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Flowers

While we are waiting for Spring to really show up, my littlest one and I have decided to bring Spring inside the house! Last week when we were grocery shopping, we saw daffodils for sale, two bunches for $4. We bought two bunches and enjoyed them on the kitchen counter all week! This week at the store, the daffodils were not opened, so my girlie looked all around and finally picked out a bunch of pink tulips to bring home. While she was playing with her toys in the other room, I filled two mason jars (my favorites for holding flowers!) with water and squirted a little red food coloring into the water to turn it pink. Then I trimmed the ends off the tulips and divided the bunch and placed them into the jars. Finally, from my stash of ribbon, I grabbed a roll of wire-edged ribbon that is decorated with pastel-colored eggs for Easter. I tied bows around each of the jars and put one on the kitchen counter and the other on our family table.

When my girlie came in to see the flowers she gasped (literally) in excitement and shouted, "THE WATER IS PINK!! MY FAVORITE COLOR!!" She is so easy to please and I love to surprise her in little ways whenever I can. (Wouldn't you?) The flowers brighten up the house for the whole family and remind us that Spring is indeed on its way!


tanveer said...

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Kristin said...

What a great idea with the food coloring! I used a lot of green food coloring for St. Patrick's Day and lately my LO wants to add it to her yogurt! I will definitely plan on doing this in the next week or so. Thanks.

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Glad you liked the idea -- it's simple, but the girls love it! I did it for St. Patty's Day too -- I bought two green carnations at the store, and when they were in bed the night before St. Pat's, I filled the same jar with water, added green food coloring, and I put a little twist of shamrock wire garland around the top of the jar -- I put it on the table to greet them when they had breakfast in the morning! Cute that your LO wants it in her yogurt -- those things are so easy and quick to do and they really make it fun for the kids!