Friday, July 23, 2010

Our First Harvest

It’s official! We are farmers! We had our first tomato and cucumber from our garden, and let me tell you how excited we are over here! My 4-year-old (ugh, that pains me to say...) and I were out in the yard the other day and I was showing her the cucumber that was fully grown, and some little zucchini and little cucumbers that are not ready to pick yet. All of a sudden she starts squealing with excitement, “A RED TOMATO!! Look Mommy, a red tomato!! Can I pick it??” I let her gently pick the tomato (so as not to disturb the green tomatoes that are still growing) and we picked the cucumber and took our harvest in to the kitchen. As I mentioned in my first post about our garden, we did not have big expectations since this is our first attempt at vegetable gardening, but we considered this an “adventure.” What fun to see a return on our work – it’s a wonderful opportunity to try and introduce our girls to new veggies that they may not normally be interested (my 9-year-old did try the tomato – still not a fan, but she tried it, which was a big step!). It is also a wonderful learning experience to see that food doesn’t just magically appear in the fridge or on the shelf at the grocery store – someone puts in an effort to grow the food that we eat!


Christine said...

Oh how exciting!! Emma will always try something from the garden, even if she doesn't like it. (and apparently whatever Liv likes too!)

I think it's so cool that you did this. I haven't seen it in a while. And I haven't even harvested any cucumbers this year yet! See you did get a jump on the season just fine!

Great work!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

We ate our cucumber in a salad tonight and Liv said it was the best cucumber ever! We also had another red tomato on the vine, which Kenz brought in and washed for us -- exciting stuff over here!!