Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

As we scurry about finishing our last minute preparations for St. Nick's visit tonight, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I can't speak for anyone else, but I am actually feeling a little more calm at this moment, than I normally do on Christmas Eve. I only have 2 relatively simple menu items to make today -- one for Christmas Eve at my aunt's house tonight, and one for Christmas dinner at our house tomorrow! (How did I get off so easy on the Christmas dinner in my own home? We have a wonderful Gramby who is bringing prime rib AND dessert! I'm doing shrimp cocktail, a yummy potato dish, and asparagus!)

The girls have both written their Christmas letters to Santa, and we were able to visit Santa last weekend. Christmas cards have been sent, and I have hung up the cards that we have received from friends and family. All the shopping has been done, I wrapped my very last gift last night (my poor husband, as usual, has to do all of his wrapping today!), the house is decorated and we are even almost done cleaning it! (Amazing!)

We'll attend church this afternoon and tonight we are going to my aunt's (my dad's sister) to celebrate with my dad's side of the family and what always makes this gathering extra special, is that my 88-year-old grandmother is with us to celebrate. And my aunt started a tradition a few years ago of the whole family going around the neighborhood caroling! This is super fun for the neighbors, my aunt, my grandmother, my girls and I -- not quite as much for some of the other family members... I am feeling relatively prepared for Christmas this year -- not the usual rush to finish wrapping on Christmas Eve! I told my husband that this year, after we put the kids to bed, I want to curl up on the couch with a glass of egg nog, a holiday movie, and enjoy the lights on the tree -- just to take a "time out" from all of the running around, and enjoy the holiday!

Happy Holidays!


Kristin said...

Wow you are very prepared this year, good for you! I hope you did enjoy a good movie and your egg nog.

Cheers and a very Happy Christmas.

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Well, we caught up on a couple of shows we'd taped, and it ended up being wine -- not egg nog -- but I felt quite relaxed compared to most Christmas Eves! Hope you enjoyed your holiday!!