Friday, May 9, 2008

A Kid at Heart

Ok, so all day yesterday I was in panic mode over all of the things that I needed to do to get ready for the busy (but fun-filled!) weekend we have planned. Last night my daughter had dance class, tonight we are going out for a Mother's Day dinner with my mother, tomorrow my husband and I are going on an all-day wine tour with two other couples that we are good friends with, our daughter has a birthday party to go to (Grandpa and Gramby are watching the kids and taking our girl to her party), and then everyone is coming back to our house for a bbq tomorrow night! And then we have a bbq for Mother's Day on Sunday, at my uncle's house. And I needed to get errands done, Mother's Day gifts made (they are cute! I'll show you after I give them out!), oh, yeah, and the house cleaned!!

So, last night after we put the kids to bed and my husband went to his hockey game, I went downstairs to start cleaning up the family room -- and what did I do instead? I played with my daughter's Loving Family dollhouse! I couldn't help myself!! It's an adorable dollhouse and she has rooms full of beautiful furniture for it -- and yet, it looks like something out of the '70's tv show "Sanford and Son" -- just a mish-mash of pieces from Barbie, Polly Pockets, Lincoln Logs -- you name it! It looks like the Loving Family is having a chaotic estate sale. Anyway, I thought, "I'll just pick up a little." Uh huh. An hour later, I'm sitting on her little, tiny Little Tykes desk chair, in front of the dollhouse, painstakingly arranging the furniture, setting the dining room table -- I even set up the dog's house and an off-site campground with the tent, firepit, sleeping bags... She never lets me do that when we are playing!

I did finally get a grip and pulled myself away long enough to get half of my Mother's Day crafts together (this was supposed to be a joint effort with my girlie, but we ran out of time!).

So that left today to get the house cleaned -- no problem! I was cruising along, being fairly efficient (except when my father called to check in and I was rearranging the books on the bookshelf -- a real necessity when you are having a bbq!), until I got to my daughter's room. My little one was napping in her room, her sister was at school, and so I went in to clean her room. Well, of course, she's got her big Barbie house in there... Yep, again -- about 30 minutes sitting in front of that, arranging the kitchen, the grand piano, flower vase on the coffee table, toothbrush and towel in the bathroom...

And now I'm here writing about it on my blog! What is the matter with me? Ok, break's over -- back to cleaning!


Teamcarbone said...

Um I thought you were entertaining at "your" house! LOL However, I do hope the doll houses stay "clean" for you company to enjoy.

Have a fun filled Mother's Day weekend. :)

Deanna said...

Oh, I know, but their stuff is so much cuter than mine!!

You have a wonderful Mother's Day, too!