Friday, May 2, 2008

Keeping Up With The Jetsons

A thought popped into my head as I was giving my daughter a quick shower before heading out to some function the other day.

Normally, she takes baths and loves them, but sometimes when we are in a hurry and bathing is necessary, I will give her a quick shower. It is somewhat torturous for me, because, as happened this particular day, I was standing outside of the shower, reaching in and trying to wash her hair. I was getting my clothes soaked, the bathroom floor soaked, and she was VERY crabby -- it was not pleasant for either of us!

So, as this was going on, and she was getting impatient with me, and I with her, I remembered the cartoon "The Jetsons" that I used to love to watch when I was little. For anyone who ever watched that show, do you remember how they had this WONDERFUL bathroom where the Jetsons would step on a conveyor belt looking terrible with "bedhead" and the conveyor belt would move them along through an automatic shower/hair salon/toothbrusher and they'd pop out on the other side all clean and coifed? That would be a dream come true in our house!! Aside from the time that it would save, it would be such a pleasant way to start the day, instead of our usual battle with our 7-year-old over hair brushing, teeth brushing - you name it!

What I would like to know, is how is it that no one has designed and marketed this miracle machine that was depicted on a children's cartoon in the 1960's!?! (I watched reruns, by the way...) It's been nearly 50 years since this show was on -- why can't I get this for my bathroom?!? Maybe someday, but until then, I can dream!


Christine said...

I find it easier to shower my girl if I am actually in the shower with her! With her recent bath phobias a shower seems to be the way to go and I usually just pop her in there when I am getting ready as well.

Deanna said...

Yes - I guess I might as well, since I'm simply taking a shower outside of the bath!