Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet Sister!

I have to tell you how sweet my 7 year old was yesterday – and in light of my last post, that is really something! ;) We have a bunch of snow here in upstate NY, and on Monday afternoon she and her dad went outside to play and they built this great snow fort, off of our back deck. Yesterday when we all got home (parent / teacher conference day!), she wanted to go outside again to play. She got all bundled in her snowsuit and her little 19 month old sister was watching and clearly wanting to go outside to play as well, but could not because she is still battling a cold. So my older daughter went out, and instead of playing in her cool (pardon the pun), new fort, she played in the snow on the deck in front of the sliding glass door where her sister was watching. She threw snowball after snowball at the window, and I videotaped as her little sister was laughing hysterically – she thought this was the funniest thing! And my older girl was laughing and having a great time “playing with” her sister. She danced and made funny faces through the glass – she genuinely enjoys being able to make her little sister laugh.

It was a very sweet sight to me – my two girls playing together, and my older daughter caring enough about her little sister to limit her play area so that she could include the little one in the fun! She waited a long time to have a sister, and I can tell already that she'll be looking out for her baby sister for a long time to come!